Staying Safe Online Comic Book (Pack of 10)


This paperback booklet version of the “Staying Safe Online Comic Book” is a comic book designed to help children ages 6-12 learn more about online safety through visual storytelling. Parents, caregivers, educators or anyone who interacts with children can use this comic book or give as a gift, to help teach about online safety, in a creative way. This comic book is designed to help children better understand the dangers of interacting online so they can recognize an unsafe online situation and know what to do to stay safe.

The “Staying Safe Online Comic Book” is a stand-alone resource that can also be used in conjunction with A21’s Primary Prevention Program (PPP).

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Also available in Spanish here.

Eva and her best friend Aisha are two creative eleven-year-olds who love watching videos online and making their own. Curiosity and a desire to become famous lead Eva to upload her videos and share them with  strangers online, not realizing one of them was trying to trick her into a potentially dangerous situation. . This story introduces the concept of digital safety, and teaches children what to do if a tricky person or unsafe stranger contacts them online.

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Also available in Spanish here.