Steps to Staying Safe Storybook (Pack of 10)


This paperback booklet version of the “Steps to Staying Safe Storybook” is designed to help children ages 3-6 learn more about human trafficking prevention through visual storytelling. Parents, caregivers, educators or anyone who interacts with children can use this storybook or give as a gift, to help spread essential trafficking prevention messages, in a creative way. This storybook is designed to help children better understand the dangers of tricky people, what they can do and who they can ask for help.

The ‘Steps to Staying Safe’ storybook is a stand-alone resource that can also be used in conjunction with A21’s Early Childhood Prevention Program (ECPP).

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Also available in Spanish here.

Maria is an adventurous young five-year-old who encounters a tricky person while she is playing at the park. This story introduces the concepts of tricky people, safe strangers and trusted adults, to encourage children to think about the different types of people (not just strangers) they may encounter and who is safe and unsafe. Through this fun story, our goal is to help children to recognize unsafe situations and know what to do.

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Also available in Spanish here.