Sarah Rowan Dahl - Campaign #1

Hello world changers,

Many of you know I am aiming to use my art to raise at least 1 MILLION to help end human trafficking. As the mother of two young girls, I cannot fathom their life and childhood stolen. The painful fact that every 30 seconds another life is taken into slavery, I cannot use my life and platform as a performance painter for nothing. I paint for their freedom.

Here are a few ways I am making steady progress:

1) Painting LIVE at regularly and sharing this goal to the crowds
2) For every "Like" on my fan page I give $1 to A21 (
3) Using corporate connections and aiming for TV opportunities to paint LIVE and promote A21

And now that A21 has included this fundraising page to their website I have another avenue!! Let's do this together! Add your donation here... This page is just one small step in my goal…and as soon as this goal is reached I will create another page!

Name Amount (AUD) Comment
Sarah Dahl $100.00 $ raised busking in Maroubra - thanks strangers!!
Anonymous $100.00
Sarah Dahl $154.31 Thank you to all the caring strangers who donated!! Oct 2014
Sarah Dahl $64.85 75 more Facebook Fan Likes!!
Sarah Dahl $86.90 Thank you Fresh Catering for covering 100 more FB Fan Page "Likes"!!
Sarah Dahl $79.43 Thanks to all the strangers who have donated while I paint and busk…each coin adds up…thank you!!
Beth Halon $463.63
Kelsey Rimmer $108.66
Cathy Heng Sun $42.62 Thank Sarah.
Brett Bridger $10.00 Great Paining!
Sarah Dahl $55.72 Thanks E.N. for this donation...let's keep changing the world together one day at a time!
Anonymous $370.66
Sarah Dahl $25.69 Donations from people I met at TEDx Melbourne! Thank you!!!
Sarah Dahl $25.41 Thanks for all the FB "Likes"!
Anonymous $364.82 Wonderful artist, wonderful human being :)
Sarah Dahl $72.61 Thanks for all the FB fan "Likes"! Remember, for every "Like" I donate...
Anonymous $221.56 Thanks Christina for helping rescue victims and change the world!!
Sarah Dahl $37.78 Thanks to all the donations from my gig at the Factory Theatre!
SARAH DAHL $75.57 Thanks too all the donations from our tour with the Hot Potato Band!
Sophie Hoang $805.00 Thank you Sarah for coming to our school in Vietnam to perform and educate our students. We are all in this fight together!
Sarah DAHL $74.97 Thank you to the Liquor Merchants Association for your donation!!
Sophie Hoang $400.00
Sarah Dahl $77.79 Thanks for all the new Facebook "Likes"!