Spanish Secondary Curriculum

Bodies Are Not Commodities has been developed in response to an overwhelming need for education about human trafficking among students around the world. The Spanish version is available to reach and prevent human trafficking, protect students, and offer pathways of engagement to be a part of the solution to end modern-day slavery. A facilitator guide is also included, providing step-by-step directions for teaching the curriculum.


Quick Facts:

  • Five multimedia and interactive sessions, that include videos, group and individual activities, and optional learning labs. All materials have been translated into Spanish, and a combination of voiceovers and subtitles are used in all videos.
  • Supplementary curriculum for Social Studies, English, and Health courses
  • Aligned to Common Core education standards
  • Paced at 5, 10, or 15 class periods of approximately 45 minutes
  • Includes a facilitator guide, student guide, and video downloads
  • Developed by educators for easy facilitation - no training required!


Example depicted is in English.