Sofiona Designs

Hi! We are Sherri and Trish and we are joining A21 in the fight for freedom.

We have started a sewing pattern company with styles for the young girls in our lives and we want to take a portion of our proceeds to join the fight to protect the young girls of the world. But not JUST the young girls! We believe that every individual matters and that every donation CAN make a difference in someone’s life. By purchasing our patterns, sewists around the world are supporting our fundraiser which in turn is helping to reach the vulnerable, identify and assist in the rescue of victims, and restore the lives of survivors around the world. We fight for that one child being forced to beg on the streets of Thailand, for that one girl being sexually exploited, for that one victim of involuntary servitude, and that one individual used as a child soldier. Our hearts break for the many, but we can rejoice for the one. The one rescued, the one restored.

Until ‘one’ becomes ‘many’, please join us today as we advance the fight for freedom around the world.
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Sherri Herrera $36.00
Sherri Herrera $51.00
Trisha Yanke $40.00
Sherri Herrera $45.00
Trisha Yanke $81.00
Sherri Herrera $90.00
Trisha Yanke $66.00
Trisha Yanke $30.00