Cape Epic 2019

"Our team’s goal is to raise $100,000 through this race, in order to fund the development of the Can You See Me? Campaign in South Africa.

I am honored to be riding alongside Darren Covington, Peter Lister, Peter Selkrig, Lincoln Carolan, and David Harris. These incredible men are fathers, business owners, cycling champions, and some of my closest friends who have rallied, trained, and dedicated themselves to raising awareness and funds for those who are still enslaved.

In South Africa, our A21 is on the frontlines facing the reality of human trafficking every day–and deciding to fight anyway. We have the opportunity to fundraise and rally behind the incredible work they have already begun. Will you join us?

Together, we can…

Educate the masses that slavery exists in everyday situations.
Distribute the National Human Trafficking Hotline to millions of people.
See slavery stopped before it starts.
Equip law enforcement to identify victims.
Partner with the government and media outlets to spread awareness."

- Nick Caine, A21 Founder
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Tanya Browning $21.00
Debbi Daniels $35.00 Praying for you on this race and for all those riding with you. Thank you for all you do.
Elizabeth Williams $50.00
Maria PhillipKnight $50.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $10.00
Maaike van der Loon $25.03
Zandra Van der westhuizen $21.00
Anonymous $25.00
Marja-Liisa Rycroft $35.56
Kattia Thony $200.00
Geneva E. Johnson $21.00
Vera Lalyko $56.74
Jeanette Rodriguez $100.00 Human trafficking is a hideous crime perpetrated on innocent lives! Let’s end this!
Janette LoBianco $21.00 Thank you for fighting for the victims of this horrendous act. God bless you!
Lesley Purcell $71.00 Thank you Nick
Patricia McHattan $35.54 Thank you Nick. God bless you.
Ellie Cotter $1,000.00 We are honored to partner with you.
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $1.00
Anonymous $1.14
Anonymous $1.14
Anonymous $100.00
Ilona Mäkeläinen $113.78
Philip Hyldgaard $56.97
Heidi and Preston Moreau $35.00 Thank you!! Sending prayers, Light, and Love.
Tracy Samsel $35.00
Steph Langford $21.00
Lucien Jamin $56.85 Jesus is King!
Anonymous $21.00 Rock it!
Michelle Vondey $100.00
Jose Geleilate $50.00
Denise Friedman $50.00 Blessings to you as you serve to abolish human trafficking!
Anonymous $107.09
Connie Westfall $75.00
Celeste Campbell $100.00
Geesmiek Geldof $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Penny Challenger $35.70 We have to all help to put a stop to slavery. It could be you. God Bless Nick for being a constant supporter to the cause.
Anonymous $300.00
Collette Leeuwangh $14.99 More. More rescued and more restored. Multiply every dollar and cent Lord.
Stephanie Hypse $21.00
Christine Britz $35.00 Thanks for caring about my country. Good luck for the race Nick, it's really tough.
Eunice Sampaio $23.88
Ruben Mueller $7.14 Raise Awareness
Steve Brown $35.00 Enjoy the experience and the challenge. It is for a great cause and will be worth it.
Anonymous $17.13
Lisa Johnson $320.00 God bless you Nick! Thank you for all you guys are doing and the lives being saved through A21.
Joel Burns $100.00
Brianna Yulfo $3.00
Brianna Yulfo $3.00
Brianna Yulfo $9.00
Brianna Yulfo $3.30
Anonymous $100.00 Thank you for making this a priority. Praying for you...
Brianna Yulfo $3.30
Latita West $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Marian Bencivenga $35.00
Genevieve Stephens $21.00
Laura Lipscomb $21.00
Denise Gitsham Jones $250.00
Francis Smit $14.87 Slavery must end
Annabella Teale $14.87
Anonymous $106.20 Continue the great work for justice, not sitting by and being silent
Kelley O’Brien-Green $50.00 Keep fighting for freedom. Thank you for never giving up!
Anonymous $21.00 Thank you Christine! God Bless you You’re awesome! ❤️👏🏽🙏🏽
Gillian Bickerstaffe $13.21
Chandra Benjamin $84.25 Praying for Nick and Christine Caine & their family & A21 Team as they lead us in this God marked & anointed mission to rescue people trapped in very inhumane circumstances in this 21st Century. As I sow I am praying for restoration for all involved and for me and my Elderly Mum Sara, Healing Every area in Christ Jesus Our Lord.
Anonymous $165.00
Samira Bahsoon $21.00 I pray for each life that is going through this evil act in Jesus's Mighty Name. Please give to save a life … be the hands and feet for Jesus.5108-50153913996
Kristen Morse $30.00 Thank you for all of your hard work, leadership, and dedication. Cheering you on!
Anonymous $21.00
Matthew Dargan $50.00 If the Son sets you free, you are truly free! (John 8:36)
Alisa Finken $454.00
Elizabeth Spitzer $21.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $21.00 All the best with the race! Lots of love from South Africa! Thank you for making a difference here.
Mark Shuford $100.00
Carol Ann Kiriaka $75.00 Nick and team- May the Lord strengthen you and keep you, as you fight in the name of Jesus on behalf of the oppressed!
Justina Cowper-Smith $21.00
Helen Ferguson $70.26
Heidi Cassel $35.00
Jennifer Segetti $21.00
Clare Rattenbury $70.27 Thank you for what you are doing to rid the world of slavery.
Anonymous $150.00 Keep fighting the good fight
Dena Macleod $65.89 Stay strong and don’t forget the bananas for the trip
Deanna McDougle $100.00 God bless and proper your ministry!
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $50.00 God bless you all! GO GO GO!!! :-p
Anonymous $70.44 Thanks for being faithful to the cause. God bless you!
Anonymous $35.22
Angela Patti $35.22
mikey frome $131.19 With you all the way Boss, you’re such a inspirational leader in all aspects.
April Knight $21.00
Jacky Raynes $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Alba Zavala $21.00
Rebeca Faur $27.43 Go Nick, God bless you !!!
Anonymous $50.00
Reese Travis $500.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Anonymous $21.00
Elizabeth Verhey $50.00 Go Nick!
Tracy Young $50.00 Praying for your safety and a great race & continued prayers for the work and message of A21 to grow!
Lori White $500.00 Go Nick!
Laurie Miller $50.00 Good luck to you !
Donna Martin $21.00
Anonymous $50.00 God bless you Nick n Christine 💗💞
Nina Hyldgaard $23.62 Cheering you on, Nick! You are incredible.
Amanda Finney $50.00
Holly Wagner $150.00
Simone McEnery $10.00
Theodora Steele $75.00
Theodora Steele $75.00 Good luck!
Kelly Duffield $21.00
Anonymous $100.00
Karen Chandler $21.00
Anonymous $35.00 Keep up the amazing work by the power of God!
Kim Norman $50.00
Michael garcia $5.00 God will provide a way and his glory reigns forever. I pray for A21. That we rescue each individual going through trafficking Christ hear my prayer and provide the needed support. In Jesus name amen.
Sandra Holbrook $50.00
Eric Rowe $100.00
Anonymous $150.00
Rayne Smith $21.00
Melissa Hyderali $50.00
Anonymous $24.79
Jane Sungail $150.00
Anonymous $50.00
Sharon Hess $100.00
Nancy Diaz $50.00
Lizzie Clout $106.15 GO NICK!!!
Laura and Daniel Krueger $100.00 This is awesome!!!! Go Nick!
Julie Sagissor $50.00
Anonymous $35.32
Sunny Fowler $200.00
Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $50.00
Debi Mercer $75.00
Dayna Pattison $100.00
Violeta Salva $50.00
Michelle Parrozzo $250.00 Go Boss Go!!!
Lize Hynd $46.46 I used to live in the Western Cape and know some friends who have done the Cape Epic before, best of luck Nick-great cause!!
Anonymous $1,000.00 Go Nick!! We are behind you and A21!
Anonymous $118.00 Together we can win the war on slavery. Love always wins.
Paul Blaze $150.00 Keep up the great work for the Kingdom
Anonymous $100.00 **THANK YOU!**
Anonymous $7.09
Anonymous $35.00
Kari Carnes $75.00
Taylor Jacobs $500.00
Kathleen johnson $66.59
Caroline Beckman $1,000.00 Couldn't be more proud or excited for this initiative...Let's go Nick! We're with you and for you.
Robin Seitz $50.00 With you all the way, Nick! Believing this campaign will change countless lives in the country of South Africa.
Blake-Elizabeth Loaney $50.00 You're awesome Nick! Cheering you on from Australia. Thank you for all you do and always leading by example. Best boss!
MaryNelle Cummins $21.00 Stay safe.
Marike de Wet $14.88
Anonymous $21.00
Kate Caine $24.90 Get after it, Nick! Safe trip, love Kate xx
jennifer chew $106.72
Dominique Salinas $35.00 Thank you for all that you’re doing! My prayers are with you.
Richelle Ah-Kion $14.95
Suzanne Leitz $50.00 Thrilled to be a part of rescuing the horribly enslaved!
Felicia Clark $21.00
Jamie Sebastian $113.37 Nick Caine - we love you and think you are awesome - we love A21 and all that they do!!!
Anonymous $21.00
Susanne Schmidt $113.44
Terry Steffen $100.00 A21 is a Dressember Grant Partner (
Marija Van Rensburg $145.00 God bless you as you make a difference in the lives of others! Supporting you all the way! :D
Anonymous $50.00
Deborah Newlin Smith $500.00 Many blessings for an amazing ride.
Amy Bennett $21.00
Eve Cartwright $10.00
Anonymous $5.00
Kathy McEachern $21.00
Michelle Eva May $21.00
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $14.89
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $246.00 Blessings and Love as you embark on this journey to continue pursuing freedom for all!
Elizabeth Herrera $21.00
Anonymous $50.00 God is the ultimate artist, He can use all of us
Sheryl Oneal $150.00
Saroja Chepuru $100.00 Lets See, I am definitely doing this to support Nick and A21...but also in the hope to find “My own God-Sent Nick” like you did that early morning :) Love you guys! Cheers <3
Lisa Lizer $50.00 Best of luck, Nick. Prayers for a safe ride.
Tim Kimble $35.00 Good luck and Blessings from one of the TBN security guys.
Rebecca Ziros $24.82 Thank you for highlighting and doing something about this terrible act on vulnerable people
Roma Buendia $50.00 Make this known!!! Let’s help stop human trafficking
Jen Ford $35.00
Pamela Damato $21.00 Way to go Nick!!
Laura Hubbard $21.00
Donna G $24.81
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $75.00
Anonymous $75.00
Kelly Floyd $21.00 Awesone cause!! Thank you!
Suellen Carson $75.00 So thankful for this ministry!
Donna Erving $100.00
Wilton Thigpen $35.00
Anonymous $10.00 Jesus is the Lord
Lize Botes $75.00
Susan Muir $35.37
Saara Fernando $35.38 Go you good thing!
Kenneth Graham $21.00 Godspeed!
Anonymous $106.27
Kim Mislock $35.00 Thank you, Team Caine!
Ivan Ng $400.00
Anonymous $35.00 God bless your ride! Go, Nick! For A21 and all the women at risk.
Anonymous $21.00 May God bless the efforts of this movement!
Susan Lopez $21.00 May OUR God give you Nick, the strength. Christine, THANK YOU, for your daily devotional
Anonymous $500.00
Amanda Hails $435.15
Holly Ballmer $21.00 Thank you, for serving!!! Bless you ❤️🙏🎚
Sherie Aubuchon $50.00
Tom Warrington $21.00 Best of luck Nick, and may God bless you and your team!
Sandra Freitas $40.00
Anonymous $21.00
Everett & CaraLee Murphy $50.00 Go Nick!! So excited to see how this will impact South Africa! We’re with you all the way
Katrina Brittain $35.00 Woohoo! Praying for you!
Sheila Zegarra $21.00 This is so amazing!
Sherri Lane $50.00 I am so thankful for ministry and teachings of Christine Caine.
Darlene Morris $50.00
Cathie Strohl $35.00
Anonymous $71.16 Great work guys. God bless you all
Anonymous $100.00 Thank you for helping to end slavery in our lifetime.
Josephine Ingabire $13.20 May God bless the work of your hands 1000x more
Caroline Spingath $21.00
Jonathan Payne $35.63 So good Nick! Don't forget to enjoy it. Come and have a beer with us one day in Brisbane! JP :-)
Gary Presneill $107.00
Adrian Feben $35.82
Anonymous $35.00
Anonymous $25.00
Beja Foster $16.00 Nick- the victory is yours. Praying that God will strengthen and protect you.
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Julie Graunke $150.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $1.00
Carolyn Bean $21.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $21.00 Glory to our King Jesus for what He is doing in and through A21
Anonymous $357.37
Hannelie Burgemeister $14.99
David Costa $21.00
David and Lisa Hughes $500.00
Anonymous $50.00
Juanita N TOMAZSEWSKI $10.00
Chelsea Garza $706.00 Press On! Thankful for your fight!
Anonymous $1,000.00 Church By The Glades is cheering you on!
Terri Costa $50.00 Godspeed to the final rescue
Anonymous $500.00
Susan Utegaard $21.00
Anonymous $100.00
Brianna Yulfo $1.05
Susan Khalil $71.06
Rachel Senter $75.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $35.00 Thank you
Anonymous $500.00
Debbie Backy $21.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Anonymous $1,500.00
Anonymous $3,000.00
Anonymous $5,000.00 Go Nick!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $2,000.00 Thank You!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $1,500.00
Alejandra Vasquez $10.00
Ivan Juarez $10.00
Anonymous $150.00
Karen and Doug Ritsema $200.00
Myrtle Daiva $100.00
Joel Burns $100.00
Anonymous $35.41 Ride like the wind, mount up with strength as on eagles wings!
Anonymous $113.06 Thank you for helping to end slavery!
Shelley Meighan $10.00
Anonymous $2,500.00
Anonymous $3,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $2,000.00 Best of luck Nick
Anonymous $1,500.00
Anonymous $2,500.00
Anonymous $2,500.00
Rebecca Harris $14.87
Anonymous $106.25
Anonymous $106.25
Christopher Stewart $21.00 Epic Race. Epic Goal. Epic Cause. Because of your efforts, many others are joining the cause.
Amber Kennedy $500.00 We are praying for you guys!
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $2,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $2,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous $4,000.00 Praying for you!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Alf van Dijk $70.79
Anonymous $1,500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Samantha Nagle $24.78 Well done!!
Anonymous $300.00
Anonymous $21.00
Nikki Eller $21.00 Way to go, Nick!!!
Diana Mescher $35.00
Lindsay Carrell $21.00
Anonymous $21.00
Lois Tharratt $70.89 God abundantly bless your efforts!
Kristina Wilson $7.09
Anonymous $21.00
Jayme Shaw $2,500.00
Anonymous $21.00
Nichole McVay $50.00
Patricia Gamboa $100.00
Mike Nichol $100.00
Amanda-Paigw Whittington $50.00 Well done Nick! Grateful for a boss who leads by example and dares to do whatever it takes!
Anonymous $75.00
Anonymous $560.00
Anonymous $25.00 Thank you for all you do!
Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $250.00 God bless you! We love you guys!
Anonymous $200.00
Brandon Vergotine $150.00 Grace & Strength to fight for His Cause
Anonymous $13.04 The work of A21 is so important to so many people and so much on the heart of our loving Father God. Thank you to every single person involved.
Anonymous $35.00 Thank you for making us aware of this evil being done. God bless you and your team.
Diana Curry $150.00 What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Nick. Thank you both for being amazing and inspiring. God Bless!
Celeste Hodges $9.00
Mosaic Private Sanctuary $5,000.00
Anonymous $35.00 MonaL
Anonymous $10,000.00
Anonymous $10,000.00 Go Nick!
Anonymous $8,852.83
Anonymous $10,000.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Anonymous $14.53