Reclaiming Shilo Snow's A21 Campaign

Welcome to our A21 donation page! For the next few weeks, Peter & I invite you to partner with us in this online campaign to fight against human trafficking and slavery.

As many of you know, Pete & I are passionately invested regarding this issue. We believe human trafficking/slavery is the biggest crisis of our time, and the personal stories from victims and our friends are heartbreaking. It's massive, global, and one that shockingly doesn’t get near the level of legal and media attention it should.

When I wrote THE EVAPORATION OF SOFI SNOW and RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW, I wanted to open up the trafficking conversation in a non-graphic way, particularly for teens - who are our future law makers and political world changers. Thus, these books are my heart, written on the page, about what I believe for humanity and who we can be as a human community.

In the past we've donated royalties from STORM SIREN, made private donations, etc. However, this time we decided we really wanted to utilize the tools we have to raise as broad an awareness as possible. We also very much want to honor you, our dear readers (we love you!), and give back in YOUR names.

With that in mind, Peter & I have committed to a number of options - it's up to you which you'd prefer!

(1) Peter & I would like to donate a dollar in the name of each person who's ordered the book*, RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW, (anytime in the past up until it's upcoming release date of March 6th). If you order it - you can send your name and a screenshot of the receipt to the email, and we'll make a donation in your name to A21.

(2) If you'd rather forego the book but still want to donate to A21 - we'd love to send you something! Just email a screenshot of your donation receipt, full name, and mailing address to the above listed email, and we'll get some bookmarks and a "Person not Product" temporary tattoo out to you**.

(3) If you simply want to make a donation to A21 without the extras, please do it! And thank you so much, friend.

Truly, thank you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your part in raising awareness. And thank you for believing that we, as a community, can make a difference for the precious hearts in this world.

Thank you for helping to reach, rescue, and restore people.

From our hearts to yours.

{{Holding hands with this beautiful community called humanity}}
~mary & peter

(100% of all donations go straight to A21 to help end human trafficking and slavery)
*up to 1500 books
**minimum donation of $10, up to 500 entries total
***preordered book amounts will be verified with HarperCollins' statements in May, 2018
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Diana Peters $21.00
Anonymous $1.00
Anonymous $1.00
Kara Grant $25.00
Nichole Hoag $21.00
Heather Leahr $5.00
Anonymous $100.00
Richard Spillman $150.00 60 years ago my mother trafficked me. How I wish there was an organization like this around then.
Anonymous $50.00
Jason Joyner $100.00
Lavay Byrd $21.00 Hearing about human trafficking breaks my heart, especially with such activities here in America. I've been inspired and planning to write a fantasy-romance novella dedicated to victims and survivors of both trafficking and prostitution, especially young women, letting them know that there is still hope, and there is a God who loves them and will redeem them. Thank you Mary Weber for creating an organization that reaches out to those who suffers, and reminding us what true humanity is in the eyes of God.
Anonymous $78.00
Mary Weber $33.00 Thank you to EVERYONE who donated money to this campaign - my heart about exploded when I checked this page this morning. And thank you to all who preordered Shilo Snow, who sent notes, and are invested in seeing freedom take hold of this world. Y'all own much of my heart. <3 Donations are being made on behalf of: $1 - Samantha Taylor $1 - Stephanie Warner $1 - Kaitlyn Deann $1 - Erika Berk $1 - Anon $1 - Danielle Duffield Davis $1 - Diana Peters $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Lynn Rice $1 - Ian Acheson $1 - Anon $1 - Grace Meade $1 - Nichole $1 - Jebraun Clifford $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Clarisa $1 - Heidi Wilson $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $5 - Anon $2 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Anon $1 - Anon
Mary Weber $1.00 $1 - on behalf of Erin Arkin