Not. The. Same.

Slavery is happening everywhere.

Darren and I recently had the opportunity to visit Cambodia and Thailand with some of the A21 team, and what we saw there changed us forever. Women, numbered, waiting to be chosen by men for sex. Think auction block. This is no exaggeration. Many of them likely trafficked there against their will. We played with unattended children running around a village, often used for begging and at risk of being trafficked for sex. On the flights there, I read two books on slavery in the U.S. and was sickened by the reality of rape and brutality inflicted on so many women and children in our country - on OUR WATCH.

It is happening where we live. It is happening around the world. Millions of slaves. Less than 1% rescued. I can't un-know what I now know. I left Thailand feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness that I couldn't just FIX IT.

Even though I can't snap my fingers and make it all go away - I can do SOMETHING. When you join me in the fight against slavery (let me reiterate, it is rape, beatings, forced labor, forced begging - people taken from their homes and flown to other countries!), you will be the reason a child is prevented from being forced to beg on the streets—the reason that someone is able to pick up a hotline call from a victim at 3am in South Africa—the reason a survivor enters a Freedom Center in America and experiences restoration.

Our giving makes it all possible. A21 is on the ground rescuing and working with survivors, partnering with police in raids, helping to put traffickers and pimps behind bars. But they need our help.

Now you know what I know.

Join me today, and together we will make a life-saving difference in countless lives. Help me raise $5,000 by my birthday - June 13th!

Name Amount (USD) Comment
Julie Brown $50.00 God bless your cause.
Jim & Carol Rogers $500.00
Kim Rogers $70.00 Faith's allowance - give envelope
Jennifer Paltridge $2,000.00 God bless A21
Kim Rogers $72.00 Noah's allowance saved up for giving
Colleen McTiernan $50.00
Crystal Gurevich $100.00
Susan Giuliano $75.00
Kim Rogers $50.00 Donation from LTR - thank you LT!
Michelle Phillips $300.00
Sandra Jenson $100.00
Tara-Leigh Hendricks $50.00
Kim Rogers $1,000.00 Even to save ONE.
Cornerstone Fellowship $300.00
Kelsey Jenson $20.00
Elainna Tornquist $263.00 Here’s to June birthdays, Happy Birthday Kim. We all stand together, End Slavery in Our Lifetime.
Pam Haugh $300.00 Praying to save at least one previous life
Amy Robbins $50.00