The Penny Story

I interned with A21 in Greece during the fall of 2013. I fell in love with the survivors, and I knew I could not move back to America and just transition back to "normal" life. I didn't know what to do, but doing nothing was not an option.

We started making penny bracelets. We sold them to friends and family, raising small amounts of money for A21. I was so excited to be sending any amount to A21! Now, years later, we are selling hundreds of bracelets all over the country and even overseas. We are seeing a penny change the world of trafficking.

We would love to raise $21,000 for A21 this year. Head over to to learn more about the Penny and to purchase one of your own!
Name Amount (USD) Comment
The Penny Story $8,400.00
The Penny Story $470.00
The Penny Story $1,220.00
The Penny Story $1,700.00
Kendall Altmyer $3,300.00
Anonymous $15.00
Kendall Altmyer $2,000.00
Kendall Altmyer $315.00
Anonymous $150.00