Walk for Freedom 2018

This year for my 32nd birthday, I have decided to join A21 for their 5th annual Walk For Freedom on October 20th. #WalkForFreedom is a global event that raises awareness and funds for the fight against human trafficking. I am fundraising because I know that my efforts can be the difference between slavery and freedom for many. And even though each of us can’t do everything we can all do something.

My current goal is set at $532. In place of a bday drink or any gifts, I ask for you to donate towards this cause that I am passionate about. In this fight against slavery we can be the reason that a child is prevented from being forced to beg on the streets of Thailand—the reason that there is someone to pick up a hotline call from a victim at 3am in South Africa— the reason a survivor finds healing and restoration through our Freedom Center in America. Our giving and fundraising efforts make it all possible. 💕
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Emma Kim $50.00
James Chung $32.00
Anonymous $18.00 i like wanted to see it go from $82 to $100, so now its at $100.
Eunice Hong $50.00
Anonymous $100.00 Happy Bday
Matthew Rehfeld $50.00 Thanks for being involved in such an important cause Emma.
Cameron Stevens $21.00
Larry Hill $50.00 Thanks for always doing great things for everyone!
Jin Kim $21.00
Ji Mun $200.00 HappyBirthday Cuz!! God bless you and your beautiful heart! :)
Alvin & Hanna Chongmontre $100.00 Happy birthday, Emma!!! We loooove you!!!