Dirt Tracks

While millions of men and women are forced to flee their homes every year in the turmoil of war and persecution, some fall into circumstances which are possibly even worse than the ones they left behind. Human trafficking is one of the darkest sides of the refugee crisis, which is why I’m walking hundreds of miles on dirt tracks and desert trails, to support the work of A21, an organisation with highly skilled teams on the front-line in 11 countries, who are rescuing men and women from unimaginable trauma, prosecuting the traffickers and providing a safe haven for those who have been caught in the trade to start rebuilding their lives and stepping into a brighter future.
Name Amount (GBP) Comment
Louise Glenn £21.00 Leading by example :-) Behind you in every way Dan. x
Amy Foster £73.74
Holly Mitchell £21.74 Real life heroes. I am so proud of both of you for being such adventurers and giving up your time to raise awareness for others. There should be more people like you! Keep exploring.
Sabrina Underwood £21.00 What a brave and inspiring journey! From Sabrina (Louise’s friend)
Jason Thorne £50.00 Wow, what a journey and how inspirational! What a great example, sacrificing your time and energy to make a difference.
Daniel Coe £14.97 Legend.
Naomi Pocock £15.04 Very inspiring to read and watch your journey so far - for something that needs so much support too. Looking forward to hearing the rest and pray that the financial target is met and more!
Ajay & Emma Ladher £100.00 You walked a good journey, the steps of our saviour, you're an inspiration
Charlie Penn £54.00
Kate Sims £15.15 Can't wait to have a pint with you and hear your amazing story. Inspirational
Rob Fraser-Harris £53.51
Caroline Gilford £10.00
Anonymous £499.90 Hero.
Anonymous £599.88
Sarah Sneller £50.00 Amazing to hear the stories of people you met and your journey across the desert. Great cause x
Kirstin Dykes £99.94 Epic journey, epic Saviour, epic cause :)
Sue Morrice £301.18 Amazing feat - well done
Catherine Trimble £50.00 Well done friend :) so good!
Beatrice Ducloud £26.11 Blessed are each of your steps on this journey! Truly inspiring !
Anonymous £57.30
julia parker £21.00
Anonymous £27.53