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angela lynds

Walk For Freedom Greenwich Ny




Walk For Freedom Greenwich Ny

It is estimated that tens of millions of people are held in modern day slavery today. But I believe in a world without slavery.

That’s why I’m partnering with A21, a global non-profit that is working in 18 locations across 13 countries to eradicate human trafficking.

One of A21’s strategies in the fight against human trafficking is Reach. Reach focuses on educating and equipping the general public to understand, identify, and reduce the risk of human trafficking through education curriculum, prevention materials, and awareness campaigns.

When you give to my fundraising page, your donation will go towards A21 Reach initiatives, including things like:

- Distributing prevention comic books for vulnerable children

- Providing education to keep children safe

- Expanding A21’s Can You See Me? campaigns

Your financial support could mean the difference between a life held in captivity and a life that is free. I invite you to join me in giving what you can, where you can. Because when we show up together, we create lasting change in the fight for freedom.