Mittens for Freedom

When I first heard about modern day slavery, I was shocked. I thought slavery ended a long time ago (how naive I was) and couldn't believe that people TODAY are still enslaved in various ways. There is an estimated 20.9 MILLION victims of human trafficking globally (26% of them are children + 55% women/girls). Are you kidding me! I still cannot believe that number. None of us should feel comfortable knowing that slavery still exists.

The Lord gave me an idea, what if I made wool mittens to raise funds to help those be free from slavery. Then it hit me, everyone in MN needs mittens during the cold winter months. It made total sense and I'm fairly good at sewing.

Will you join me in buying a pair of mittens to go towards someones freedom? If you don't need mittens, consider in donating funds to support this cause. I cannot go out and save individuals from slavery but A21 can for they have more resources and partnership with law enforcement than I do.

Your donation helps to reach, rescue, and restore more people around the world. I know that together, we can make a difference. Do you want to make that difference? Consider donating or purchasing mittens today!

Let's end slavery, forever!
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Eros Berglund $35.00 A great cause! Thank you for the effort, Amanda!
Amanda Kassan $22.00 Tami purchased a pair of mittens for freedom! Thank you for supporting the cause Tami!
Amanda Kassan $28.00 Donation provided by Hailey Templin who purchased a pair of mittens! Thank you! :)
Anonymous $28.00 This donation was made possible by Anne who purchased a pair of mittens for freedom. Thank you!
Amanda Kassan $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Amanda Kassan $237.00 Proceeds from the craft show!
Date Post
14/06/2018 I have been amazed by the amount of support everyone has given me with this. Thank you so much to all of you who are taking part in ending slavery!