30 Races for 30 Years

Hi friends,

THANK YOU for choosing to support me as I run 30 races to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Bringing together what I love – running – with what I hate – sex trafficking – what better way to meaningfully celebrate my birthday than racing to raise money and awareness to prevent sex trafficking?

My chosen charity is an incredible organisation which I’ve supported for many years. A21 combats trafficking and forced prostitution globally through prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership.

As part of their prevention strategy, A21 assist people groups identified as particularly vulnerable to trafficking. Particularly crucial at this point in time has been their response to the refugee crisis at the Greek border, where thousands of Syrians cross daily. Refugees and displaced people are some of the most vulnerable to trafficking, because most likely, noone notices if they disappear. A21 has developed an innovative new system to provide filtered drinking water to those who are fleeing the trauma and violence of war, along with meeting other immediate needs, such as food, clothing, and offering trafficking awareness advice and support. They've also designed a comic book to teach children how to stay safe, overcoming language barriers and communicating to kids in a way they can understand. The also provide trafficking victim rehabilitation, safe houses, legal assistance, and so on. Check out their website for more info.

My 30 races to celebrate 30 years will be:

-> Scary – out of my comfort zone, reminding me why I’m doing this.
-> Challenging – I’ll have to really push myself to finish it. Because if A21 can do the impossible, so can I!
-> Iconic - interesting enough for me to bore you all throughout the year with updates and race reports!

Through this challenge, 30 races for 30 years, I’d love to raise awareness about sex trafficking, as well as fundraise for A21 so they can continue their incredible work. If you’d like to celebrate my 30th with me, rather than buying me a drink or singing “she’s a jolly good fellow”, please consider making a donation to A21. Equally important to financial support, I hope you’ll follow this journey with me as I take on 30 races that will test me to my limits, that you’ll learn more about sex trafficking and what you can do to help prevent it, and you’ll be inspired and challenged to use what you love to stand up for what you care about.

For the cause,

Name Amount (GBP) Comment
Diane Woodrow £24.54 Hurray! Made it at last!!
Angela Whiteside £14.73 Good luck Jen!
Jenni Bell £21.00 Good luck on your races. Your drive, determination and passion shines through.
Tosh and Helen Simpkin £10.00
Anonymous £50.00 Well done from D
Anonymous £21.00 You are awesome! Love Emmalee xx
Anonymous £16.39 Go well!
Rachel Sharp £166.45 Keep running your race Jenn. Love ya xo
Kate Marston £15.76 It's amazing what you are doing Jen! For such an important cause
Anonymous £16.21 Good luck with the challenge.
Pedwar Brown £38.56
Lucy Marris £21.00 Love your blog and the cause is so important. Good luck with the running and the project. Gentle hint, it was quite hard to find how to donate to your charity - maybe include the link on the 'about' you page and at the end of your posts too.
Sarah Oufan £16.69 Such an inspiration! Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Danger Harding £21.00 Well done from James
Gemma Hewitt £350.00
Brett Regulski £21.00
Anonymous £10.00 You are incredible. You've got this. Love Elen xx
Daniel Lewis £16.69 Good luck with the remaining races!
Georgina Young £25.00 Got to run off that creme brûlée!
Lisa Riddington £21.00 You have been amazing this year and you will be fabulous at London - go girl!!
Anonymous £10.00 Best of luck, from Daphne.
Anonymous £10.00 Well done, from Anne J.
Sarah Bell £10.00 Been meaning to do this all year! Go get 'em Jen Danger Harding
Anonymous £10.00 Good luck from Dai Williams
Jo Edwards £10.00 Good luck in London Jen...you'll be brill, enjoy xx
Rachel Hipkiss £10.00 What an achievement this year Jen! Enjoy London, have a great race and I'll look forward to reading the race report!
Karie Atkins £30.00 Finally got around to it!! Sorry. Such an amazing effort!!
Rachel Plowman £16.41 Have a fantastic day Jen, you've worked so hard for this and deserve it! Rach x
Kim Carwardine £10.00 Good luck in London Danger! You will smash it! Xx
Anonymous £10.00 Good luck from Catherine
Anonymous £5.00 Good luck sistaaaaaaaa! Susi x
Carina Yap £100.00 Well done, Jen! You made it!
Mark Nicol £5.00 Have a fantastic day
kevin mansell-abell £21.00 Congratulations!
Lana Perry £27.28 Seriously in awe of you, you're an inspiration. You made it to that finish line and you should be seriously proud of yourself. I know how much pressure you put on yourself and that just shows the determined person you are and what this means to you. Jen you rock, a serious achievement!!!