My name is Erina and I love people. I believe that every person is of inherent value.

In 2008 I found out that modern slavery was a reality, and that there were girls as young as 13 being beaten, raped and sold into sexual exploitation as commodities. My heart broke for those who were being broken.

I am committed to making my 30’s count by raising $30 000 to go towards the work of A21. Why?

Because right now, there are millions of slaves in the world.
Because victims as young as 5 months old have been identified in Thailand.
Because over 66% of victims of slavery are in the Asia Pacific Region.
Because Australia has over 15 000 slaves.

Because I am FREE and I can help others find freedom. I believe heart and soul that this is the right of every human being - everyONE matters.

The funds raised will go towards A21’s operations in the Asia Pacific Region. In Australia, this can look like reaching the vulnerable and disrupting the demand of slavery through education. In Thailand, equipping the team to reach at-risk children and their families. Furthermore, this can support the Child Advocacy Centre in Pattaya - where children are rescued out of slavery and provided with the support they need as part of their restoration journey.

I know that our combined efforts of perhaps not having 2 coffees in a week, a meal out with friends, a weekend away, or a night out, will impact the lives of multitudes. Please do not underestimate your contribution, your contribution matters.

Thank you for making freedom possible.

With love.

Name Amount (AUD) Comment
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $180.00 For freedom! Together we can fight and make a difference
Samantha Leenman $50.00
Elise Igland $15.95
Blake-Elizabeth Loaney $21.00
Esther Low $300.00
Anonymous $120.00 Love you Erina and all you do! <3 - Sara
Caitlin Field $150.00 Keep fighting for freedom! <3 xx
Jack Aggett $44.69 Save the pandas xoxo
Anonymous $63.83 Love your heart Erina! Happy birthday.
Nicklas Wikblad $50.00 Happy birthday, Erina! Jake & Nicklas
Anonymous $500.00
Christina Antemie $128.00 Happy Birthday Darling--Love that your heart is about the ONE. You'll reach your GOAL! Hugs from Cali.
Brad Haupt $36.00
Stephanie Escalante $53.07 May this money multiply to save God's children and Glorify Him, in JESUS' Name!
Anonymous $10.00
Bec Burrowes $30.00
Max Ailey $30.00
Pamela Chiriboga $30.00 A gift held impacts ONE, a gift given impacts EVERYONE GO ERINA! Change and justice starts with self empowerment thanks for sharing a vision of justice, care and love!
Laurie Mooney $60.00 Happy birthday Erina, what a beautiful way to honour 30 years :) lots of love, JM & Laurie
Anonymous $60.00 Happy birthday. With love, Peter and Chris.
Yvonne Tng $35.00
Anonymous $50.00 A wonderful gift of hope from you Erina to do this on this very special year of many.
Debby Kieffer $33.93
Samantha Moscato $75.00
Pam Mahendra $50.00 Happy 31st Erina! I love your generous heart and beautiful spirit xoxo
Dan & Paige Edwards $50.00 Love you and so proud of you lang loi!
Anonymous $50.00
Kristy Doyle $60.00
Tracey Su $10.00
Anonymous $39.50
Anonymous $30.00
Kristen Morse $41.52 Happy 30th Birthday, Erina! You are absolutely amazing, and I am so excited for you and what this next year has in store for you. Lots of love. xx
Sara Odegard $60.00
Mathew Johns $50.00 Very worthy cause!
Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $14.40
Anonymous $20.00
Esther Low $35.00 Love your heart and passion for this worthy cause
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anthony-Cynthia Anderson $147.64
Emily Giglio $92.00 Hi Erina, myself and my classmates Julia and Virginia have done a bake sale at our school for our Society and Culture class to help you raise $30,000 and to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Australia our school. We hope this donation helps. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous $36.00
Kaleigh Freels $44.45 Happy Birthday! Love your passion to make a difference.
Anonymous $50.00
Date Post
19/06/2019 Hello Beautiful People,

I wanted to say a massive thank you for investing into the work of A21 through giving to my fundraiser. I am so blown away by your generosity!

To Emily, Julia and Virginia thank you SOOOO much for holding a bake sale at your school to help me raise $30,000 and to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Australia at your school. You and your contribution matters tremendously!

So far, we have been able to raise $3262.53 together. As it stands, the funds raised could go towards providing a survivor of slavery with language classes, represent one survivor in court, 2 hair appointments, and a welcome pack to someone who has entered A21's care.

Thank you once again! Together, we are changing ONE life at a time.

With Love.
30/05/2018 Thank you to each of YOU for your generous contribution in abolishing slavery alongside me!

The funds that have been raised can go towards 35 survivors of human trafficking receiving a welcome pack that awaits them in the A21 home after being rescued! Simply amazing- Thank YOU.

We still have a ways to go.
Please share and invite others to invest what they can- whether that’s $21, $50 or more, it all makes a HUGE difference.

Stephanie I wish I could contact you personally and thank you. A generous person whom I haven’t met, yet we are united in this cause- FREEDOM.

Much love to you all. ❤️