Write A LetTEr



One of the many ways you can help restore the life of a survivor is to write a letter.
Writing a letter is not only a tangible way to connect supporters to survivors, but it's a way to use the power of words to give life and restoration where they once instilled fear. 


Photo of Letter from young person to survivor


Photo of letters hanging on wall at freedom center


Photo of someone writing a letter


Letter Content:

We encourage you to use salutations such as "Dear Friend," or "Loved One."

Please don't state your own beliefs, talk about your own job or lifestyle in depth, or relate in saying that you understand their situations. By including the information above in your letter, the survivor's journey back to living a whole life might be jeopardized. The purpose of these letters is to encourage, empower, and bring life. We don't want to risk that, in turn making survivors feel victim to their past situations, in any way.

You can end your letter by signing with your first name only. Please don't include any of your personal information. 

Mailing Address:

Please send your letters to our California office, addressing them to "A21" or "The A21 Campaign":

ADDRESS 2781 W. Macarthur Blvd, Ste B #605. Santa Ana, CA 92704


Note from a survivor:   

My name is Alaina*....   

A21 was a brand new thing for me when the chapter of slavery ended in my life and the police officers called them to pick me up from the police station.

I didn’t know who they were, because before I lived it, I wasn’t aware of human trafficking and when I was trapped in it, no one allowed that information to reach us (that someone wanted to in rescuing me).

I felt lost, irredeemable. When the miracle of being released from it happened, it was a direct transition from slavery to the A21 shelter and I wasn’t quite sure what they were about. I was a bit scared and all kinds of scenarios came to mind, until I saw the beautiful welcome card placed on my bed. That was the moment when I realized I was safe. 

A21 provided for me toiletries, food, clothes, education, doctors, a warm bed, a safe and friendily environment. They helped me dream again.

Now, I want to live a contagious lifestyle. I want to help people understand themselves, to find healing and to strength in everything. I want to become a psychologist and use my experience and understanding in order to deal with other people’s trauma and difficult cases. 

What my parents, my teachers, and my friends failed to be for me, A21 compensated it all. My life wouldn’t be the same without the time spent at the A21 house and everything they invested in me materially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I am a brand new person, healed from my past hurts, cheerful and strong… and all that because of them!"

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