Where We Work 



A21 Country Locations: Costa Mesa, California. Charlotte, North Carolina, Barcelona, Spain. London, UK. Oslo, Norway. Copenhagen, Denmark. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sofia, Bulgaira. Kiev, Ukraine. Thessaloniki, Greece. Cape Town, South Africa. Bangkok, Thailand. Pattaya, Thailand. Sydney, Australia.


 MadriD, SpaIN 



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We work in 14 different locations in 12 countries across the globe.

AlL of our offices are stopping human trafficking before it starts.
8 of them focus on fierce intervention.
6 of them provide restorative aftercare.

Each of our offices are uniquely equipped to outwork OUR SOLUTION.
check out our country web pages for a better look.

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P.S. Our abolitionist community extends beyond our 14 locations.
We have hundreds of A-teams fighting slavery across the globe.

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