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What is the walk for freedom?

Walk for Freedom is our global fundraising and
awareness event, rallying tens of thousands of
people, taking millions of steps, in hundreds
of cities all over the world. We walk to disrupt the
demand of slavery.

It’s an outward expression of A21’s inward desire
to see slavery abolished everywhere–
in our cities, in our communities, and in our world.

One step at a time and one dollar at a time,
we fundraise and walk to see a world without slavery.


This year, we will take more ground than ever before.






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Our Hosts...

Desire to see a world where slavery does not exist.

Believe that together, by rallying our communities, we can make a difference.

Believe that every human being on the planet should be free.

Want to see awareness turn into action.

sound like you?

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Host Responsibilities


All walks will officially take place on October 20, 2018. All hosts must be 18 years old or older to be considered, and there must be a co-host for each event. While hosts are responsible for any walk  expenses, there are so many ways to fundraise and raise money for each event.


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What hosts are required to organize & prepare:

  • A public email contact
  • A walk location
  • Day-of logistics
  • Promotion of the Walk For Freedom Event to the public and local media
  •  Fundraising on behalf of A21
  • Partnership with local businesses, churches, and other organizations.
  • A team of volunteers that will assist with preparations and the day of the walk
  • Expenses
  • Communication Outlets


Reporting to A21 is also necessary as the event grows closer and closer. This includes sending us:

  • An evaluation form
  • A day-of report
  • A final evaluation form

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   A21's Support

Online Resource Page: A21 provides a digital kit
of all the resources you need to have a successful
walk. From permit requests, to promotional
materials, and all of the artwork for signage.

Host Facebook Page: An A21 hosted facebook
page created to join our incredible community of
hosts around the globe. Share ideas, ask questions
and work together in preparation for October 20.

Direct contact with A21: We have teams of staff
and volunteers in each of A21’s global offices
ready to support and answer any questions you
may have.



Possible Expenses 

We completely understand that any event, local or
global, will have expenses tied into it, but we
do try to keep costs to a minimum so more can
be donated to the cause. That being said, there
are a few expenses that hosts will have to take into

  • Permits
  • T-shirts
  • Printing Costs
  Promotional Materials
  Equipment rentals (tables, PA Systems, etc.)

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 When deciding to host an event, consider...   


1. Do I have enough people to support and engage in this walk?

2. Is there another walk close to me?

3. Do I have a venue or area willing to host the walk?

4. Are there any local businesses or churches that will partner with me?






Important Dates

Walk For Freedom 2019

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