A21 Walk For Freedom
October 19, 2019






Join us for the largest rally against slavery of its kind.
For one day that will change history.
For freedom.




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In 2018 we were in 


 different locations in


countries, reaching over 

 70 million  


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Human trafficking is robbing 


of basic human rights,
freedom, and dignity. We believe we will see a global end to human
trafficking when we all take action.



London Walk For Freedom 2018, crowds holding statistic posters  
London Walk For Freedom, close up photo of female holding   
Sydney, Australia walk. Aerial, close up view of single-file line.


This is an invitation:

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To show up in your city and join thousands across the globe.
To walk for freedom. Stand for freedom. Fight for freedom. For the one.
For the millions. For our world.



No matter who you are or what you do,
you can take action right where you are.
We all can put our feet the pavement and take a stand for the freedom,
value, and dignity of every single human life.



To unite together under one cause.


One mission. One vision. Freedom.



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You x Local Action = Global Difference























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