Sydney, Australia

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The A21 Campaign is passionately committed to abolishing slavery everywhere, forever, focussing our efforts on eliminating human trafficking.

Our goals include:

  • Identifying and rehabilitating survivors
  • Raising awareness and educating at-risk persons
  • Identifying and assisting in the prosecution of traffickers



A21 is looking for individuals who are equally passionate about this cause to partner and volunteer with us for agreed periods of time. This could be for 6 to 12 months or a short term commitment. As a valuable member of our team, an unpaid volunteer will do everything they can to achieve our goals, within the limitations of their specific project or allocated role. Please understand that submitting this application does NOT guarantee you a position as a volunteer, and that A21 has full discretion to select whom we feel to be the most appropriate candidate.

As part of the procedure for processing your application and evaluating the level of suitability for this volunteer position, A21 may obtain an investigative report. This report may include information gathered through personal interviews with third parties, such as prior employers, family members, and business associates with whom an applicant is acquainted. Further details are specified in the reference section of this application. Inquiries may also include information regarding character, general reputation, and personal characteristics.



A21 Australia Volunteers are individuals who live near the A21 office in Sydney and are able to commit to either of the following volunteer terms:

  • Volunteer: 1-2 days (8+ hours per week) on an ongoing basis, ideally for a minimum of six months.
  • Office Assistant Volunteer: 3-4 days (24+ hours per week) for three months.

Volunteers get an up-close and personal experience of what it takes to work for a global NGO and are empowered to bring their skills and talents to the table. During their time with us volunteers work within one or more of the areas listed below, based on their existing skills, passions and the needs of our office. Please view "upcoming volunteer intakes" at the bottom of this page to see our next available intake dates.


Connecting businesses to social justice and developing strategic initiatives within the business community.



Corresponding with supporters and fundraisers to provide information and assistance.



Furthering the message of freedom through implementation of A21’s prevention, awareness and education initiatives.



Assisting with the coordination and support of internal and external events including fundraising events, galas, conferences, church and other community events.



Creating social media content, local resources and other awareness and education assets.



Assisting with the management of country-specific social media platforms and identifying, developing and implementing creative solutions to extend A21’s reach across Australia through various channels such as radio, social media, print media and television.



Working alongside abolitionists across Australia to expand the reach of our education programs to educate and equip everyone to understand, identify, and reduce the risk of human trafficking.



Raising awareness of human trafficking and connecting the mission of A21 to the next generation of abolitionists through providing free presentations and workshops in schools across Australia, empowering young people to make a difference.



Committing to an increased level of involvement for a shorter volunteer term, Office Assistants are allocated to one or more of the above areas during their time with us, with additional emphasis on providing administrative support to assist in the day-to-day running of the office.



  • 18+ years old
  • Strong written and oral communication skills 
  • Proactive, organised and with strong attention to detail
  • “Whatever it takes” attitude
  • Volunteers must reside in Australia and be able to complete volunteer hours at our office in the Hills District of Sydney, NSW


Upcoming Volunteer Intakes:

We are currently open for applications and welcome you to apply to join our Sydney Volunteer Team! If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of our volunteer opportunities further, please email us at info.aus@a21.org or call (02) 9680 2121.



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