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Note. By completing this registration form, you agree to:
1. Your registration as a Global Freedom Summit Private Event Host for your proposed event will be reviewed by The A21 Campaign, Inc. (“A21”) and may be accepted or not entirely within A21’s unfettered discretion.
2. A21 will not have to give reasons for not accepting any registration.
3. You are required to give accurate and, where appropriate, complete information where requested in your registration and you may be asked to provide further information.
4. You are over the age of 18 years and you are able and willing to financially meet any expenses and liabilities that may be associated with hosting your Global Freedom Summit event
5. As a condition of your registration as a volunteer Global Freedom Summit Private Event Host you agree to be subject to and bound by the Global Freedom Summit Private Event Host Agreement
and other terms and conditions applicable from time to time to your volunteer role.
6. A21 values your privacy so your information will not be shared with anyone without your specific permission. A21 upholds transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection of your personal information.
All information that you provide will be retained and processed in accordance with A21’s Privacy Policy.


I understand that this is an initial registration process and not a commitment by A21 to accept me as a host or support my event.
I certify that I have provided accurate information in this registration form.
I also understand that as a condition of acting as a Global Freedom Summit Private Event Host,
I have accepted (and may be required to sign or otherwise confirm acceptance of) the Global Freedom Summit Private Event Host Agreement and other terms and conditions applicable from time to time to my role.
By signing or submitting this application in hard copy or by any other electronic process provided by A21,
I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the above statement of Affirmation and the Host Agreement linked below.

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Thank you for applying to host Global Freedom Summit with us this year.



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