Malai, 4

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Malai's Story


Malai* was just four years old when she was trafficked from a neighboring nation and brought to Thailand. She was forced to beg on an unsafe street every night from dusk to dawn. While other children were safe and sleeping during those hours, Malai* was being exploited and used for her trafficker’s profit.


But through the opening of the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Thailand, we were able to work alongside the Thai government to assist Malai*. Her traffickers have been arrested, and she is now safe. We are collaborating to provide the best possible care for her and her future.


Malai* can now be a child—free, safe, and restored to a better life. Your dollars matter. Because with every dollar raised, safe places like the CAC are able to exist, resulting in the assistance and protection of more vulnerable children like Malai*.


No child should be exploited like Malai* was. That’s why our actions matter. Our local steps can raise awareness for children like Malai* who are still trapped in slavery. Our dollars can lead to their freedom around the world.

*Survivor’s name has been changed for their protection.



ThailAnd StaTistics

65% of assisted survivors are under 18.

50% of assisted survivors in Thailand are from Cambodia.

34% of assisted survivors in Thailand were subjected to forced begging.

Our youngest survivor was just 18 months old.   

*All provided statistics are based on A21 data and survivors we have assisted.

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Use your social media to promote this year’s Walk For Freedom. Below we’ve provided you with 2 graphics to tell survivor stories from across the globe. All you have to do is hold down your finger on the photo you want to use and save it to your phone’s photo folder. Then, write your own caption & don’t forget to use our hashtag: #WALKFORFREEDOM. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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