Shine Hope

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Shine Hope.

ShineHope is an international human trafficking prevention program designed to equip every girl with an understanding of her intrinsic
worth, strength, and purpose. This lesson plan aims to expose the traps  used by traffickers while providing tools for protection.

Worth –

Establishes the “priceless” worth, value, and importance of each girl, and to explain how human trafficking infringes on her intrinsic worth.

Strength –

Communicates how to build inner-strength, display  courage, and resist or sustain stress, which will allow for more control over decisions.

Purpose –

Allows girls and young women to dream for their future and then to consider some practicalities of making that dream come to fruition.




Quick Facts:

  • Nine session program
  • Girls and women ages 13+
  • ShineHope starter pack:
    • Includes the ShineHope facilitator guide
    • Includes 25 copies of the ShineHope participant journals
  • ShineHope facilitator training

Program Content:

  • Session 1: Beginning of ShineHope
  • Session 2: I have a story
  • Session 3: The reality of human trafficking
  • Session 4: I have the power of choice
  • Session 5: Decisions determine my destination
  • Session 6: I have strength
  • Session 7: I have gifts and talents
  • Session 8: I have a purpose
  • Session 9: I can shine hope



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