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This Prevention and Awareness Program contains three interactive lessons that are suitable to be used in both academic and community group settings. It is layered into two presentation formats to engage audiences of all sizes. There are step-by-step instructions, accompanying videos, and additional resources to ensure clear and easy delivery for facilitators.

The goal of this program is three-fold:


  • Inform students about human trafficking
  • Protect students from becoming victims
  • Activate a generation of abolitionists


Quick Facts:


  •  Three interactive, video-based lessons
  •  Small and large group presentation formats
  •  Content suitable for students age 12+
  •  Includes facilitator guide, participant worksheets, and videos


Program Content:


  •  Lesson One: Human Trafficking: Past to Present
  •  Lesson Two: Human Trafficking: Supply and Demand
  •  Lesson Three: Human Trafficking: Awareness to Action



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