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Top Story: Can You See Me? Child Sex Tourism Scenario Launches

January 2022: Brand New Can You See Me? Scenario

As child sex tourism is a type of child sex trafficking, indicators specifically to sex trafficking apply such as:

  • Victim appears to be a minor
  • Signs of abuse and malnourishment (denied food, water, sleep, and/or medical care)
  • Shows signs of fear or apprehension
  • Body language and facial expression show unhappiness
  • Appears submissive
  • Appears uncomfortable
  • Has few personal possessions
  • Does not have access to money
  • May be subjected to insults, abuse, threats, or violence

Additional indicators specific to child sex tourism may be noticed:

  • The offender shows physical affection towards the minor in an unreciprocated manner
  • The minor is accompanying the offender to a hotel/motel
  • The offender subtly treats the minor like property/possession
  • The offender is taking the initiative over the minor in every transaction
  • The offender appears significantly older than the minor
  • The minor can be as young as 5, 6, or 7 years old
  • The minor can be a boy or a girl; the offender is often a male
  • The minor appears to be local to the region whereas the offender is often of a different nationality
  • The minor may be poorly dressed in contrast to the offender whose clothing and possessions appear to be of a higher quality.



2021 Record Breaking Year — Thank You!

2021 Was A Record-Breaking Year

January 2022: Thank you

Because of passionate people like you, 2021 was our most impactful year ever. We continued to break previous records and we are so thankful for your support.

See the impact we made together in 2021:

3,774,449 (yes, million!) people reached with awareness and prevention.

28 perpetrators convicted or found guilty.

3,447 frontline professionals trained to combat human trafficking.

182 new survivors entered A21’s aftercare programs.

513 victims identified and processed for referral.

And we only expect these totals to grow as we account for the final days of 2021.

Every number represents a life that was positively affected by you. Whether it was someone learning about human trafficking for the first time or a survivor who entered our care, it was only possible because of your commitment to freedom.

We look forward to continuing to make a difference together, in 2022!   


Trafficker Gets Life Sentence in America!

November 2021: Walk For Freedom

After our North Carolina office worked with the lead survivor witness for years, a judge sentenced her trafficker to life behind bars—the highest possible penalty for his crimes.

This is a precedent-setting court victory for future cases of human trafficking and a significant win for this survivor and many others.

Trafficker Gets Life Sentence in America 
Our North Carolina team celebrated a ground-breaking court victory in 2020. After working with the lead survivor witness for years, a judge sentenced her trafficker to life behind bars—the highest possible penalty for his crimes. This is a precedent-setting court victory for future cases of human trafficking and a significant win for this survivor and many others.

Life Sentence for trafficker posters

Two Survivors’ Testimonies Lead to 7 Sentenced Traffickers
Two survivors in Greece bravely shared their testimonies despite significant opposition—resulting in the conviction of seven members of a trafficking ring. This is a substantial victory that not only brought justice to these survivors but continues to bring justice to future human trafficking cases in Greece.

Judicial Seminar on Human Trafficking, Forced Labor, & Child Exploitation in Thailand
A21 Thailand co-sponsored a judicial conference on human trafficking to 32 judges from across Thailand and ten observers from the British Embassy, Dutch Embassy, Australian Embassy, and other NGOs. Our Government Relations Director and Thailand Country Manager gave presentations on victim-centered prosecutions and addressed questions specific to online child exploitation cases and the use of computer forensics. This was the first conference for judges focused on human trafficking in Thailand—and it’s just the beginning.

Support for Survivors in Court Results in Conviction of Trafficker
Often, facing traffickers in court is an emotionally challenging journey for survivors. But A21 came alongside several survivors in the U.S. by attending the court hearing with them and providing appropriate clothing for court, transportation, food, consistent counseling, and emotional support so they could reach stability and effectively testify against their trafficker. As a result, the trafficker was convicted in the U.S. Federal Court, including charges of sex trafficking, production of child pornography, transporting victims interstate for prostitution, operating an interstate prostitution enterprise, and more.

Major Court Victory for Two Thai Survivors of Child Sex Tourism
After months of working with attorneys and government officials, a U.S. citizen received ten years in federal prison for traveling to Thailand to engage in sex acts with minors and was ordered to pay $10,000 compensation to each survivor. Our team is journeying alongside the survivors by working collaboratively with an attorney and financial advisor to create a life plan for each individual, ensuring they have proper guidance. We believe this will set a precedent for similar transnational prosecutions in the future—giving victims the financial and legal support they need across borders. It also sends a message to perpetrators that they will be prosecuted—no matter where the crime is committed.


How to Shop for a Survivor and Their Family

December 2021: Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wish List

This December, we are opening the A21 Holiday Shop for the second time in our Freedom Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The A21 Holiday Shop provides survivors the opportunity to experience the joy of holiday shopping for their children at no cost to them.

To be a part of making this event happen, visit A21 Freedom Center Charlotte Wish List on Amazon and pick out the item(s) you want to contribute. These items will be sent directly to the staff at the Freedom Center in Charlotte, where they’ll put them on display in the A21 Holiday Shop. With your support, we can extend the joy of this beautiful season to survivors and their families.

To obtain items in time for holiday shopping, the last day to purchase items off the wish list is Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

  Shop for a survivor  


Why Legal Prosecution Is One of the Most Challenging and Powerful Things We Do

November 2021: Legal prosecution

When one brave survivor testifies in court and traffickers are convicted, thousands of other victims may be freed or spared from exploitation.

We’ve seen the ripple effect first-hand.

In Greece, two survivors testified against an individual who was prosecuted for trafficking up to 1,000 victims.

In the U.S., survivors testified against a trafficker who was convicted of charges including sex trafficking, production of child pornography, transporting victims interstate for prostitution, operating an interstate prostitution enterprise, and more.

In Thailand, three traffickers were given a groundbreaking prison sentence between 167-320 years each. Five other men involved were also found guilty and ordered to pay compensation to the child victims.

These are just a few of the many legal cases A21 has been a part of over the years. Each case with its own challenges, victories, and wave of impact.

Ripple Effect

Every court victory stops the cycle of human trafficking in its tracks.
It takes one more dangerous person out of the picture.
It uncovers trafficking rings that lead to the freedom of more victims.
It protects vulnerable, at-risk people from future exploitation by putting perpetrators behind bars.
It sends a loud message that traffickers will be convicted and justice will be served.

Legal prosecution is more than just prison sentences and fines. They are precedent-setting victories for the future we want to see, for the safety and protection of victims who no longer have to live in fear of their abusers. It reminds us that justice will prevail when we fight for it.

Sela's Story

October 2021: Walk For Freedom 

Sela's Story

is a 7-year-old girl near a small village in Cambodia. Taken from her village by a family member, she and other children were forced to beg on the streets each night. She was beaten and denied food if she didn't return with enough money–until one day the Thai police discovered the kids and assisted them to safety. Without family to return to, Sela felt alone until she was connected to A21 and placed with a loving foster family.



Learn How Children in Our Aftercare Program are Overcoming Trauma

August 2021: Why emotional resilience can change a life 

Brave Hearts Strong Minds

Child survivors of human trafficking have experienced unimaginable trauma, but developing emotional resilience at a young age helps them navigate future challenges in a healthy way. 

That’s why our team developed Brave Hearts, Strong Minds— a group program designed to help child survivors develop emotional resiliency skills to manage the aftermath of their trauma.

We’ve been piloting this program in our Child Advocacy Centers, and the feedback has been phenomenal. Children in our care are learning how to manage their emotions, cultivate a healthy response to triggers, and overcome trauma symptoms.

Brave Hearts, Strong Minds (BHSM) is a nine-session, interactive program to help children understand trauma, identify emotions, and learn how to manage their triggers in a fun and engaging group dynamic. Children learn best when they have fun! 

With that in mind, BHSM is intended to be delivered in an enthusiastic and engaging manner while being aware of the sensitive nature of topics discussed.

It provides an opportunity for child survivors to talk about complex topics in a relatable and safe environment. 

The recommended participant age is 7 - 12 years. However, the program content and delivery may be varied slightly to suit the participant age group.

When you give today, you make healing possible for survivors in our care.

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Brave Hearts Strong Minds


Let's Talk About Our Feelings 

Brave Hearts, Strong Minds Photo
Brave Hearts, Strong Minds Photo
Brave Hearts, Strong Minds Photo

One of the key aims of Brave Hearts, Strong Minds is for child survivors of trafficking to develop a healthy understanding of and relationship with their emotions. One of the children's favorite activities is a game that involves different colored balloons. Each balloon color represents a feeling.

For example:

Blue = sad
Red = anger
Yellow = happy
Green = anxious
Pink = calm

Here's how it works:

  1. Children choose what color balloons represent their feelings.
  2. They blow up each balloon to represent the intensity of that specific feeling. 
  3. They draw a picture of a face on each balloon to represent how a specific emotion makes them feel.

When children are given language around their feelings, they learn to respond to their emotions in a healthy way without fearing them or pushing them away. This helps prevent and intercept ongoing mental health challenges allowing children to grow up with a healthier response to their trauma.

By giving a donation to A21, you’re ensuring this program continues and more children begin to flourish.

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Take a Stand for Child Survivors this October: Show Up & Walk!

August 2021: Join a Walk For Freedom in a City Near You!

Walk for Freedom 2021

Last year you made an impact by participating in the Global Freedom Summit—thank you!

This year, we’re inviting you to take your impact to the next level by registering for Walk For Freedom 2021. By signing up today, you are raising awareness of human trafficking and supporting programs like Brave Hearts, Strong Minds. 

Walk For Freedom is our global mobilization event, rallying tens of thousands of people, taking millions of steps, in hundreds of cities all over the world. It’s an outward expression of A21’s inward desire to see slavery abolished everywhere—in our cities, in our communities, and in our world.

Every step helps child survivors experience peace, hope, and freedom.

Sign up to participate in a Walk For Freedom near you, happening October 16.

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Join us on July 30, 2021 for A21's Global Broadcast

Global Broadcast 2021


July 2021: We're going global

On July 30, 2021, join us for a global event that will unpack the complexities of human trafficking, common recruitment methods traffickers use today, and what you can do to stop exploitation in your local community.

When you understand how trafficking happens and how to respond, you too can stop one of the most horrific injustices the world has ever seen. Join thousands of abolitionists on July 30 for the World Day Against Human Trafficking by registering for the A21 Global Broadcast.

What topics will be covered during the broadcast? We’re so glad you asked.

In this one hour training, you’ll learn:

  • The complexities of human trafficking and A21’s solution to end it
  • Most common recruitment methods used by human traffickers today
  • How recruitment happens through our newest film
  • How to identify trafficking situations and respond appropriately
  • What you can do to fight for freedom and make a difference right where you are

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