"I knew I wanted to do something about human trafficking.
A-Teams has equipped me with the resources to turn my passion into action."

– A-Teams Member

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A-Teams Is you. It is us.

We are a global community of abolitionists determined to leave our mark on history. From coffee shops to campuses, places of work to places of worship, A-Teams are wherever you are; bringing their time, talent, and influence to create real change. A-Teams are an extension of A21 and the fuel behind the mission–going to unreached places with the message of freedom. We believe that with grit, tenacity, and dedication, we can abolish slavery everywhere, forever.

We are calling you to action; to take your place in history alongside us, and thousands of others, to abolish slavery.



What do  A-Teams Do?

Our A-team members are fundraising, educating others about human trafficking, participating in Walk For Freedom, putting together local initiatives, and spreading awareness through A21's campaigns. There are millions of slaves in the world, but together we have the power to change the statistics.


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Join other abolitionists all over the world who are taking action against human trafficking in their local communities. Through local efforts, we will have a global impact. By signing up, you'll receive resources and information that will better equip you to impact your community.




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Together, we will abolish slavery.

We have A-Team members in 71 countries around the world.
Check out what a few of our MEMBERS are doing to abolish slavery in their local communities.

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Angie and adrian

Angie and Adrian joined A-teams in Mexico three years ago. What started as a desire to make an impact in their city, has turned into spreading their influence all over the country—working to reach, rescue, and restore lives with A21.

By using A21’s education curriculum, Bodies are not Commodities, Angie and Adrian have reached 1,800 students with the message of combating human trafficking. They have visited more than 20 schools and universities and were invited by government officials to influence national education programs to reach more students.

With a passion to work with survivors and partner with local organizations, they have hosted talks with survivors and other NGO’s, and provided counseling and education for many women through the ShineHope program.

Angie and Adrian are showing up in their community with the hope that they can make a difference. By raising awareness and partnering with local efforts, Angie and Adrian are coming alongside A21 to bring us closer to a world without slavery.

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Meet Corie, an A-teams member in the state of Ohio. When she found out about human trafficking and how prevalent it was in her own state, she was compelled to make others aware.

Corie and her friends decided to attend their local community’s monthly event to raise awareness. They were given a free booth at the event for a few months, where they told others about human trafficking, and gave people an opportunity to paint and write encouraging cards to survivors.

To spread even more awareness, Corie and her friends have continued to host a Walk For Freedom in their city, believing that every step they take, every dollar they raise, and every person they reach, add up to one global impact—a world where everyone is free.

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Mandy joined A-teams in Johannesburg because she wanted to see a world where her children could grow up safely. She believes that every person should live freely to pursue their dreams, and earn an income in a way that is fair and free of any bondage.

She has been using the skills she has to make a difference in her community. Mandy and her team host toiletry parties where they collect toiletry items for the local shelters around Johannesburg. They also host talks with parents at daycare centers, using A21 resources to educate them about the dangers of human trafficking.

Since bullying is a huge issue in South Africa that leads to more vulnerable youth, Mandy and her team are rolling a out a new program addressing the issue. They see this program as a way to prevent vulnerable children from becoming victims of human trafficking.

Mandy believes that every action she takes makes a difference. That every effort can lead to a world that is free.

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Heidi first came across human trafficking when she was working with young girls in the slums of Brazil. She saw unthinkable things—even a mother selling her own child to be raped for money.

Heidi knew that she had to do something. She had heard about A21’s awareness event Walk For Freedom, and decided to host her first walk in 2015. Several hundred people joined her walk and it ended up being covered in the local news. Heidi and her A-team have now hosted three annual walks, and have also held presentations and seminars in schools, organizations, and churches—reaching more and more people with the message of combating human trafficking.

They’ve also found ways to fundraise in unique and creative ways. This year, they partnered with a local dance school, and put together a show highlighting the issue of human trafficking.

People like Heidi are the solution. By turning her passion into action, more lives are being reached, rescued, and restored—leading us closer to abolishing slavery everywhere, forever.

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Meet Juliana, an A-teams member from Australia.

For her 21st birthday, Juliana gathered her friends and family for a night where she educated them on the realities of human trafficking. After hearing about the issue, many who celebrated Juliana that night donated funds to reach her goal of $2,100. She ended up raising over $3,000!

Juliana embodies the core of A-teams: turning her passion into action by finding creative ways to fundraise in her own community and engage those around her. Because when we take action locally in the fight for freedom, we will make an impact globally. Resulting in a world without slavery.

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When Lene heard this, she couldn’t help but tell everyone she knew about about human trafficking and find ways to support A21’s global operations. She started thinking about what she could do in her community to help. As an A-teams member in Denmark, Lene has found creative ways to help support A21’s work by starting a program called Dare2Care, organizing a concert at her local church, and holding garage sales to help raise funds.  Lene and her friends have also collected clothes from a well known brand in Denmark to donate to women staying in the A21 shelter in Greece.

She also has hosted a Walk For Freedom in her city for the past couple years, reaching more and more people with the message of human trafficking.

Lene joined A-teams because she believes she has a responsibility to act. Through her actions in her community, Lene is making real change, and playing her part in ending slavery.

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