Global Freedom Summit 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is the Global Freedom Summit?

A: A day of local action for a global end to human trafficking.

A one-day event to equip, train, inspire, and mobilize YOU to play your part in abolishing modern-day slavery in the places you call home and around the world. 

On October 17, we will: 

1. Gather together for a one-hour global broadcast and learn practical action steps to end human trafficking. 

2. Take immediate action in our cities and communities—advancing the fight for freedom alongside thousands across the world. 


Q: Why did A21 replace Walk For Freedom with the Global Freedom Summit? 

A: Last year, tens of thousands showed up in 500 locations across the world, creating a ripple effect of freedom unlike any other. 

And this year’s mission is no different. Walk For Freedom 2020 was set up to unify people everywhere for the largest rally against slavery in the world. But then the world changed as we know it resulting in the cancelation of Walk For Freedom 2020. And while COVID-19 has changed the way we can rally abolitionists locally and globally—our mission is staying the same. 

On October 17th, we will still show up, rise up, and fight for freedom at the first ever Global Freedom Summit in history. In the midst of horrific tragedy, exploitation is still prevalent for millions. Traffickers are still finding ways to exploit the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, they are shifting their strategies. But so are we. 

While we can’t take physical steps, we can all take action steps that will affect real change in real time. This year, we are asking our global community of abolitionists to either gather your small group of friends or tune in individually in the safety of your home, and be ready to take action. Because change only happens when we all come together and play our part. 

This event will equip you and your community to make a difference right now, right where you are—for freedom.


Q: Is there a possibility that it might return to the traditional walk next year?

A: Yes, we plan to return to Walk For Freedom on October 16, 2021.


Q: What is the start time for the Global Freedom Summit?

A:  You can choose to participate at a time that best fits your schedule. The broadcast will air live at various times throughout the 24 hour period of October 17 - we will provide the details closer to the event. Additionally there will be an on demand viewing option that can be started and stopped at anytime during the 24 hour period in order to provide flexibility.


Q: What is the one-hour global broadcast? 

A: A global broadcast to rally, inspire, and equip you to fight human trafficking in your city, town, or local community. Learn from global leaders about the current state of human trafficking, effective strategies to combat it, and what you can do right where you are to end modern-day slavery. Be inspired and equipped to take strides towards the future we want to see: a world that is free. 


Q: Who is speaking at the Global Broadcast? 

A: Throughout the one-hour broadcast, participants will learn from global  leaders in the fight against human trafficking including A21 Founder & CEO Nick Caine, Global A21 Advocate, Christine Caine, and gain insight from those leading the fight against human trafficking on the frontlines around the world including A21 staff and partners. 


Q: What languages will the Global Broadcast be in? 

A: Currently, we have plans to make the broadcast available in 10+ languages. The broadcast will be provided in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Thai, Khmer, and more. If you don’t see your language listed but you are interested in working with our team to translate this broadcast in to your language contact our team at


Q: Will the event be live streamed or pre-recorded?

A: The event will be pre-recorded, but will be streamed live around the world throughout a 24 hour period on October 17. During this live broadcast A21 supporters and staff from around the world will be available live to chat, answer questions, and engage during the Global Broadcast. 


Q: What online streaming platform will be used or what method of streaming will be used? YouTube, Vimeo? Is this something that can stream through Facebook Live and IG Live? 

A: It will not be a publicly streamed event, but done all through the Brushfire platform.

Participants and hosts will need to register to gain access to the stream or the host can gather people to play it at one location.


Q: Can you tell me about the actions portion of the Global Freedom Summit event?

A: You will leave the broadcast equipped with action steps you can take right away to start ending human trafficking right where you are.

  • Canvas: Spread the word that human trafficking exists and that there are ways to see it and report it. Hang up posters and hand out flyers to spread awareness in your city.
  • Advocate: Write a letter to your elected officials and educational leaders. Encourage them to incorporate human trafficking awareness, education, and training into your local schools, business, and community.
  • Learn: Educate yourself about human trafficking, A21, and how you can take action to stay safe and be a part of the solution. Then, share what you have learned with others.
  • A21 will provide you with all of the resources and instructions necessary to participate in one or all of these actions on October 17. Go to after the broadcast to access your action kit.


Q: How can I be part of the Global Freedom Summit? 

A: Host a local event in your community, or register to participate online at


Q: What is the hashtag I can use on social media? 

A: #A21 #GlobalFreedomSummit
Don’t forget to tag @a21 



Participant Questions

Q: How do I register as a participant for the Global Freedom Summit?

A: You can register as a participant for the Global Freedom Summit on A21’s website


Q: Is there a registration fee to participate? 

A: There is no registration fee, the Global Freedom Summit is a free event


Q: Is there an age limit? 

A: Yes, participants and hosts must be 18+ to register. Viewers under 18 may attend the online event and participate at the discretion of their registered parent. 


Q: If I was invited to attend a local event do I still need to register? 

A: Yes! We encourage all participants to register so you will receive important resources closer to the event including a digital abolitionist guide and access to videos and additional resources following the event. In addition to registering with A21, please inform your host that you will be joining them on October 17th.


Q: If I was invited to attend a local event, will there be food provided?

A: It is up to hosts whether or not they want to provide food at their event.


Q: Can I register the day of the event?

A: Yes, you can register the day of the event!


Q: Can I register a group of people for the Global Freedom Summit?

A: Yes, when you register to participate you can choose how many people you are registering for. 



Host Questions

Q: Where can I find more information about hosting a Global Freedom Summit?

A: You can find more information about hosting on our website at


Q: What are my responsibilities as a Global Freedom Summit Host? 

A: Invite people to join you for the Global Freedom Summit on October 17, 2020. Host an event to watch the online global broadcast. Take action together using A21 provided action steps and resources.


Q: Do I need to register to be a host? 

A: Yes, all hosts are asked to register so we can provide the needed resources to host an event.  It just takes a few minutes to register to become a host with the Global Freedom Summit. 

Click here for more information about hosting or to register now! 


Q: How will I know if I have been accepted as a host? 

A: Everyone is invited to host a Global Freedom Summit event! Different from Walk for Freedom, there is no interview required as these are local events that you are hosting within your network. Once you complete a host registration form you will receive an email confirming your registration as a Global Freedom Summit host! Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive an email confirmation. If you can’t find it in the spam folder, contact and we will provide you with the information.


Q: Will I receive a Host Kit or some sort of resources? 

A: Yes, hosts will be provided with a host kit which includes: Host info guide as well as promotional materials for your event.  In addition, the A21 team is here to support you!  Please contact our team with any Global Freedom Summit questions you may have at


Q: How do I access all my host resources? 

A: The link to access your host kit and resources is available in the confirmation email you will receive upon completion of your host registration form.

 If you do not receive this email:

  1. F irst check your spam folder
  2. If it is still not there contact and our team will provide you with your kit and instructions. 


Q: Will this event require a team to host or one person to host?

A: There is only one official host needed, but we always encourage our hosts to build a team around them for support. The amount of support needed will likely be determined by the type of event your hosting and the goals you lay out. 


Q: Can there be more than one Global Freedom Summit event hosted in the same city?

A: Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of Global Freedom Summit local events in the same city. We just ask that each event have a registered host.


Q: Is there a way to host events in numerous locations?

A: You are more than welcome to do numerous locations! Whoever heads up each location will just need to register as a host. But in terms of advertising for the event, you can choose to advertise it as one group with various locations.


Q: I had a venue booked already for this year's walk. Should I cancel that?

A:  First, I would think about the event and the actions and see if your event could still benefit from your selected venue. For example, if you’re meeting at a community center, could you show the broadcast there? Or do you want to designate a public meeting place for people to meet up and take action together? In some places outdoor meeting areas are much less restricted than indoor. 

If you no longer need or want to host in this venue canceling is likely the best option. If a deposit was submitted and they can not reimburse you we suggest requesting that they transfer your deposit and utilize it to book the venue in advance for next year’s Walk For Freedom on October 16, 2021. 


Q: Can I still host a Walk For Freedom if government restrictions allow us to?

A: Walk For Freedom 2020 has been officially canceled and is being replaced this year with the Global Freedom Summit. However, in the actions portion of the event you have flexibility to bring in elements similar to Walk For Freedom. For example, you could encourage participants to all wear back t-shirts when gathering to take action or hold signs with statistics about human trafficking in the places where you are passing out fact sheets, etc. 


Q: If there are a covid related gathering restrictions (ie. 10 or less) can I still host an event?

A: Yes! Events can be as large or as small as the host chooses or as local regulations allow.


Q: Do guests attending my event need to register for the Global Freedom Summit?

A:  Once people have confirmed that they are attending your event, please ask them to register as a participant for Global Freedom Summit at so they can claim relevant resources including an abolitionist guide prior to the event and video content after the event.  A21 is not able to track who is attending each local event so please ask your guests to RSVP to you directly if they plan to attend your local event. 


Q: For the actions portion of the Global Freedom Summit, do we have to do all three?

A: As the hosts you would have the ability to decide if there is one action you want to focus on at your event or if you'd like to tackle them all. It's up to you!  


Q: Can a host include other elements at their local event for their guests?

A:  Hosted events are not endorsed or promoted by A21. Hosts have the freedom and flexibility to add any unique or creative elements they would like (within reason).


Q: As a Church can we hold the event on Sunday instead of Saturday? 

A: We are encouraging everyone to host and participate in the Global Freedom Summit on Saturday, October 17th. If you would like to incorporate parts of the event into your church service on Sunday please reach out to our team at and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Q: Will the pre-recorded broadcast be available in advance for the host to prepare for the event? 

A: Unfortunately, it will not be available in advance. The broadcast will be available via live stream at various times throughout the 24 hour period as well as on demand during that period on October 17th only. 


Q: Will A21 cover my expenses to host an event with the Global Freedom Summit?

A: Event hosts are responsible for all expenses associated with their local event.


Q: Will there be Global Freedom Summit local event pages similar to WFF? 

A: No. Since local events have not been vetted by A21, we are not able to promote them on the A21 website. All promotion and RSVPs with guests are facilitated directly by the host.


Q: How will my local event with the Global Freedom Summit be adversisted? 

A: Hosts are responsible for all promotion and advertisement of their local event. 


Q: Will we have access to any materials to promote the event? If so, how soon will we be able to acquire those?

A: Yes, promotional resources are available through our website.

The Global Freedom Summit Promo Kit is available for download here.  

To access host resources you must first register to host here


Q: Is there going to be a host facebook page like last year? 

A: No, there is not a host Facebook page but make sure to follow @A21 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all this Global Freedom Summit! Any questions or support needs can be emailed to our support team at


Q: How will hosts be supported by A21? 

A: You will be provided with a host kit which includes: Host info guide as well as promotional materials for your event. In addition, the A21 team is here to support you!  Please contact our team with any Global Freedom Summit questions you may have at


Q: Are there going to be t-shirts made by A21 for the event? 

A: There is no t-shirt for this year’s event. However, A21 has some amazing new merchandise created for the Global Freedom Summit. Check it out here


Q: What if I have to cancel the Global Freedom Summit I am hosting? 

A: In the event that you have to cancel your Global Freedom Summit event, please reach out directly to those you invited to let them know. Also, you can encourage your guests to participate online by registering at


Technical Questions

Q:  The video is freezing/slow.

A: This most likely has to do with your wifi connection. Make sure to check your wifi connection. If your wifi is slow, it can cause the video to glitch.


Q: Why can’t I hear the broadcast?

A: Your video may be muted. Make sure to click on the microphone icon on the screen or the “unmute” button on your computer to unmute. You can also check your internet connection as that may be affecting the sound as well.


Q: I don’t see the option to chat. How do I engage in the chat?

A: Make sure you are participating in a live version of the video instead of the on-demand video. Also make sure you have clicked the chat feature in the top right corner of the platform.


Q: I am unable to pause the broadcast. How do I pause it?

A: If you are participating in a live broadcast, you will not be able to pause the broadcast and come back to it. However, there is an on-demand version of the broadcast available on the platform that you can start and stop at any time.


Q: How long will the broadcast be available?

A: The broadcast will be available through the weekend. You can encourage your friends to head over to to register.


Q: What languages are the broadcast available in?

A: You can see a full list of the languages available on our website or when you click the broadcast link it will give you all the language options available. If you’re already watching the broadcast but want to switch languages, click the “Language” option in the green menu bar just below the video.


Q: Can I download the broadcast?

A: There is not a downloadable version of the video available. 


Q: Is this broadcast live?

A: The broadcast was pre-recorded but is available at various times during the day with a live chat feature. It’s also available on demand.


Q: How can I share this video with my friend(s)? 

A: There are two ways you can share this video:

  1. You can encourage your friends to register at They will then receive a link to the broadcast.
  2. You can share the link directly with your friends by texting or emailing them the link.


Available Actions / Resources

Q: Where are the Action resources? I haven’t received them.

A: You received an email on the 15th with your action kit. You can also now find them all HERE.


Q: Can I print the abolitionist Guide?

A: Yes - you can print the abolitionist guide.


Q: Where can I find my host kit?

A: You can find your host kit here: A21 Host Kits.


Q: Where can I find the promo kit?

A: You can download the promo kit from our website HERE.



Q: My friend can’t find their confirmation email / link to the broadcast. How can they get access?

A:They can re-register on our website at where they will receive the link in the confirmation right after they register.


Q: Is registration still open? 

A: Yes! Registration is still open and will be open all weekend. Go to to register. You will receive the link in the confirmation. 

Confirmation Content