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Walk For Freedom is more than a one-day event.
It's an opportunity to make a direct impact in the fight against slavery all year long.





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All you need to do is save the images below to your phone and post them to your Instagram Stories. Don't forget to add in the "donation sticker"! When people donate $5 or $10 on your donation sticker, you can update the bingo board graphic. We know that every little bit from your friends can add up to a lot, and in one day, you can raise $100 to fight human trafficking.

Every dollar means freedom for more lives around the world.


I'm raising $100 in a day to support A21


A21 believes in a world without trafficking. Why? Human trafficking is robbing millions of basic human rights, freedom, and dignity.


A21 believes in a world without trafficking. Why? Human trafficking is robbing millions of basic human rights, freedom, and dignity. A21 believes we will see a global end to human trafficking when we all take action. Freedom. That's the goal for every human being on the planet.


A21 is eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. Join me in furthering the fight. When we all take action, MORE LIVES will experience the difference between slavery and FREEDOM.


Select the amount you want to support A21: $5 or $10. Donate through the widget below! Thank you! For more information about A21, check out


Help me raise $100 in a day for more lives to be reached, rescued, and restored! $5 or $10. We don't need one person to do everything. Just a lot of people to do something!


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Why Fundraise?


Because every dollar paves the way for our global initiatives
to reach, rescue, and restore lives around the world.


With each dollar...

• Traffickers are prosecuted in Greece
• Victims are identified in Ukraine
• Children are protected in Thailand
• Hotlines are called in South Africa
• Lives are restored in America


Start fundraising today and play your part in ending slavery around the world. Your part counts. Every dollar counts.

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Read these stories of why it matters that you're fundraising:

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To start fundraising, all you need to do is register to walk. From there, you're automatically given an A21 Walk For Freedom fundraising page. 

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We're so excited you're joining us this year for Walk For Freedom 2019! We're equally excited that you'll be fundraising with us. To access your personalized Walk For Freedom fundraising page, login to your A21 account and select "My Fundraising" located on the navigation bar. There you'll find a list of your active fundraisers, including your 2019 Walk For Freedom page.  






 Donate to a fundraiser 


Do you know someone walking this year and want to support them? Find their fundraising page and help them reach their goal!



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 Fundraise with others 


When you register to walk, you also have a chance to raise funds by joining a fundraising team, located on your fundraising page. As you and others on your team reach your goals, you'll see the progress on your team's fundraising page.

All you have to do is visit your "My Fundraising" page within your A21 account, select your Walk For Freedom 2019 page, and click the "Join or create team" button.

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Everything you need to fundraise for your walk.



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Every amount matters.
See the teams & fundraisers who have raised the most to date.












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$100 Heroes


We are challenging everyone to raise $100 (£100, €100, 1000 NOK).
It’s the person behind the giving that makes what we do possible.
You deserve to be honored, and this is for you.


Check out this page and see the every day
heroes who make freedom possible.


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