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In a few simple steps, you can launch a campaign to raise funds with friends and family to end human trafficking. Start your campaign or make a donation to an existing campaign today. All raised funds go directly to A21.



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Choosing a Campaign Type



A21 offers two types of campaigns. You can participate in a Walk For Freedom Campaign or you can Design Your Own Campaign based on your interests and passions.



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Walk for Freedom Campaign


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Launch a fundraising campaign leading up to Walk for Freedom.


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All funds raised from Walk for Freedom fundraising campaigns will support A21’s program work to reach the vulnerable, recover victims, and restore survivors.


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Are you interested in fundraising together with those in your network? Once you create your Walk For Freedom fundraiser, you will have the option to create a team and invite others to join by creating their own fundraiser. This will enable you to track the total funds raised for your team.

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Design Your Own Campaign


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You set the focus of the campaign. You might design a campaign based on your interests or based on what is most compelling to mobilize your network to make a donation to fight human trafficking.


Here are some sample themes:

  • You can raise funds in connection to a celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary.

  • You can raise funds in partnership with an organization - such as a school, business, civic group, youth group, or church.

  • You can raise funds in connection with a local event, such as a race, a holiday, or a special gathering of friends and family.

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 Choose where to invest in freedom.

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Support Reach - women bent over showing refugee children an informational packet - teaching

Support Reach

Funds will support awareness and educational programs in vulnerable communities to stop human trafficking before it starts.


Design Your Own Campaign to Support Reach


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Support Recover

Funds will support programs to identify and recover victims of human trafficking and hold traffickers accountable so they cannot harm anyone else.


Design Your Own Campaign to Support Recover


Support Recover - young girl carrying produce being gripped tightly by a trafficker's arm - looking back for help

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Support Restore - girl laughing with sky behind her

Support Restore

Funds will support comprehensive restoration services for survivors including trauma counseling medical care, housing support, and job training.


Design Your Own Campaign to Support Restore


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Support Urgent Needs

Funds will support urgent needs across A21's global operations to end human trafficking.


Design Your Own Campaign to Support A21 Urgent Needs


Support Urgent Needs - street children in Thailand being fed warm food

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