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“We are challenging every person who participates in Walk For Freedom to fundraise $100 in their local currency because we believe that when we come together, our giving will directly impact survivors across the globe.” – Emily L.





Why fundraise?

Because by fundraising....
Traffickers are prosecuted in Greece.  
Victims are identified in Ukraine. Children are protected in Thailand. Hotlines are called in South Africa. Lives are restored in America.

Every dollar raised enables our operations across the globe—reaching the vulnerable with the message of human trafficking, investing in the freedom of victims around the globe that have yet to be freed, and funding the restoration of survivors to a full and independent life. We fundraise because we believe that when we all invest in the fight for freedom, we will see people protected, set free, and restored.



As you get closer to reaching your fundraising goals, someone gets closer to finding freedom. Read our survivors’ stories to see the lives that are being changed by you taking action.




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How to fundraise

If you are in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands or Canada, you would have received a fundraising page automatically when you registered to walk this year. From that page, you can customize your page and invite your friends to donate. The funds you raise will be credited to your local walk’s total. If you are having trouble locating your fundraising page, please let us know by contacting us at:

If you are in another part of the world, you can set up a fundraising page through our general website. But please note, while your fundraising efforts matter to the fight for freedom, they will not be credited to your local walk.



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Every amount matters.

See the teams & fundraisers who have raised the most to date. 





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$100 Heroes

This year we are challenging everyone to raise $100 (£100, €100, 1000 NOK).

It's the person behind the giving that makes what we do possible.
You deserve to be honored, and this is for you.
Check out this page see the everyday heroes who make freedom possible.

 $100 HEROES


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Find a fundraiser




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Fundraising Toolkit

Access your fundraising toolkit in your self-service by logging in & selecting the "Fundraising Toolkit" link below your Walk For Freedom 2018 fundraising page. You will have a fundraising toolkit and fundraising page if you have registered for Walk For Freedom in one of the following locations - USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Netherlands. 

 Fundraising ToolKit


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