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2019 Freedom Report




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A Global Crisis

The Cycle of Human Trafficking

A Global Crisis: Vulnerability, Exploitation, Re-Victimization

Human Trafficking is hidden, fast-growing, and complex–generating billions each year through the exploitation of millions of people. The vulnerable are being deceived, those who are exploited are left with no way out, and the few who do escape often lack the support needed to avoid being re-trafficked. Unless there's intervention, the cycle will continue...



An individual becomes vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation when they are exposed to risk factors like instability, violence and abuse, poor education, substance misuse, poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. These factors can weaken defensive measures and make them more susceptible to trafficking and exploitation.



Victimization occurs when someone is coerced, deceived, forced, or when an abuse of power occurs. This can look like false job opportunities, a loverboy method, or being sold by a family member into labor or sex trafficking.



When a survivor exits a trafficking situation, the resulting trauma combined with the original unresolved risk factors perpetuates the likelihood of being re-exploited, and the cycle of trafficking continues.



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A Radical Hope

A21's Solution

A Radical Hope: A21's Solution: Reach, Rescue, Restore


But over the last 11 years, we've seen awareness prevent trafficking on a massive scale, hotlines and professional trainings lead to the identification of victims, and countless lives that were once enslaved restored to freedom and independence. We know how to stop the cycle of human trafficking–and with your help, we will.



Educating and equipping everyone to understand, identify, and reduce the risk of human trafficking through programs like education curriculum, prevention material, and awareness campaigns.



Partnering with authorities to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers through programs like hotlines, child advocacy centers, identification trainings, and legal support.



Empowering survivors of human trafficking on their unique journey toward restoration and independence through programs like holistic aftercare, safe accommodation, and relocation services.



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Global Highlights


Assisted 323 total survivors in 2019, while welcoming 184 new survivors into our care
Won 20 court cases sentencing a total of 31 traffickers

Opened our 3rd Freedom Center in Bulgaria
Opened our 2nd Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and our newest office in Cambodia
Secured freedom for 331 victims of trafficking  

500 walks took place in 52 countries during our 6th annual Walk For Freedom

Over 1,000 survivors have entered our care in the last 11 years

Launched Can You See me? in South Africa in collaboration with local partners
Launched It's A Penalty at the Super Bowl LIII–reaching 138.6+ million people


Launched Can You See Me? in 70 cities in Texas–reaching 10+ million people

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Reach is the difference between vulnerability and safety.



From equipping educators in America with school curriculum to inform students—to reaching the most at-risk children on the streets of Cambodia with prevention comics—to rallying millions of people across the world to raise awareness together we are breaking the cycle of slavery.





1.4 million

people were reached through prevention and awareness events and presentations— 74,738 of which were minors.


621,462 students

learned about human trafficking through the Bodies Are Not Commodities High School Curriculum, and 2,664 educators were trained


Tens of millions

were reached through our Can You See Me? Campaign in the U.S., U.K., Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico



138.6+ million

people were reached through the
It’s a Penalty Campaign at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta


82 million

on social media through 500 walks hosted in 52 countries during our largest Walk For Freedom yet



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Rescue is the difference between exploitation and freedom.



We are breaking the cycle of trafficking by intervening and assisting victims out of exploitation—whether it’s through a bystander calling the hotline, a law enforcement officer partnering with our hotline staff to locate the victim, a hospital that coordinates an A21 training with their staff to identify victims and report it, a social worker advocating for child victims’ legal protection at our Child Advocacy Center—or a supporter like you, making all of this possible through your faithful support.





160 operations

secured freedom for 331 victims of trafficking


20 court cases

were won in Greece, Bulgaria, South Africa, Thailand, and Ukraine


31 traffickers

were sentenced to 638 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines



3,547 frontline professionals

were trained to identify victims


125 victims identified and assisted

through our three National Human Trafficking Hotlines



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Restore is the difference between re-victimization and independence.



By empowering survivors to live independently in their communities —we are breaking the cycle of slavery and preventing re-victimization. With the trauma and abuse survivors have experienced, there can be a vulnerability to being re-trafficked or exploited when lacking the proper support and resources. A21’s community-based aftercare model is designed to provide care and support to each survivor based on their unique needs—reducing the likelihood of re-trafficking, while also restoring hope, possibility, and dreams for their future.





323 total survivors

were assisted in 2019


184 new survivors

came into our care in 2019


50 more survivors

came into our care throughout 2019 compared to 2018



Freedom Center

Opened our 3rd Freedom Center in Sofia, Bulgaria



Survivors that were repatriated back to their home countries doubled, and survivors that were relocated domestically tripled compared to 2018



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Modern-day slavery
ends with modern-day abolitionists.


This decade, change will happen. Freedom will prevail. But the rate that freedom will spread is largely determined by the efforts of supporters like you.  



By informing our communities about human trafficking, vulnerable communities can become educated communities.



By calling the national hotline and reporting potentially dangerous situations to law enforcement, you’re turning a once hidden crime into an exposed crime.


Freedom Centers

By giving towards our Freedom Centers all over the world, you’re helping exploited victims become empowered survivors.


Imagine what we can accomplish together in the next decade when we all play our part. Imagine a world that is free. ➝

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Select an Amount

Each gift of $40 could provide new clothes for a survivor who has just been rescued.


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Thank You






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Nick & Christine Caine

Dear Abolitionists,

Thank you for making 2019 a year of monumental local and global impact. A year where we’ve seen more identifications, survivors in our care, and people reached with awareness than ever before. From awareness campaigns spreading across billboards reaching millions across an entire state, to walks taking place in 500 places around the world, to record numbers of victims set free... we saw cities, states, countries, and entire regions take ground in the name of freedom. Why? Because in 2019, people everywhere stepped up to play their part:

Educators implemented curriculum reaching millions of students. Border agencies helped to reach more people with information about safe migration. Law enforcement created environments for more successful victim identification interviews based on the needs of the survivor. Judges and prosecutors gathered to learn best practices for prosecutions in the courtroom to hold traffickers accountable for their crimes. Frontline Professionals from every sector were trained to identify survivors. Supporters like YOU were the reason our hotlines were running and assisting in the rescue of more victims, and the reason our aftercare programs empowered new survivors as they began to rebuild their lives.

This report is a testament to the many victories your support has made possible in 2019—and why we look ahead to 2020 with hope and expectation. Every victory for the one shows us what can be possible for millions more.

Together, we can abolish slavery everywhere, forever.

Nick & Chris CaineNick & Christine Caine

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Freedom Report Social Media Image 02: Quote: "Your impact is spreading father than you may think. There is nothing like seeing a human life move from the most horrific of exploitation to restore hope for the future."





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2019 Freedom Report

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