Eve's Story

Eve's Story

Eve was 3 years old when she was taken to a street in Thailand lined with brothels. Her family was desperate, without any income or way of making money. They thought taking Eve to a street well-known for attracting western tourists would make them the money they needed. After dressing her in revealing clothes, makeup, and high heels, Eve was forced to dance right in the middle of that street.


Eve danced for hours on end and became very weak. The only thing that kept her moving was the drugs she consumed in her cup of juice. Night after night, she was there on that street, taking sips of her juice, and dancing for hours. By the time she was 4 years old, Eve’s dancing was making money for the whole family, paying for rent and paying the bills.


What wasn’t expected was the popularity of Eve’s online presence .She had become somewhat famous from videos of her dancing in a bathing suit. She was a poster child for sex tourists everywhere.


This is when we met Eve—pupils dilated, unable to focus, extremely malnourished, abused, and physically worn down from all of the drugs. We started working with local police, and Eve was rescued by an organized police raid.


Once the makeup was washed off and normal clothes were put on, she suddenly looked like a little girl again.


Right now, Eve is 7-year-old and living out a story of freedom. While going to counseling and receiving medical treatments, she is able to also attend school and take gymnastics classes—she still loves dancing. Eve is living free and experiencing the joy of being a 7-year-old girl.