From a dress to an international campaign.

As December approaches, we are so excited to be joining our friends at Dressember again this year in the fight against human trafficking.

What started with Blythe Hill’s personal goal, has now turned into thousands of men and women all over the world, wearing dresses or ties every day in December—taking a stand and raising funds against modern-day slavery.

We love Blythe’s story because it shows the power of what happens when one person, after another decides to do something about human trafficking. Her personal challenge to wear a dress every day in December of 2009, resulted in a global ripple effect that continues to spread awareness, raise funds, and inspire people around the world that they can do something in this fight too. Since its start, Dressember has raised millions of dollars for various anti-trafficking organizations, recruited hundreds of thousands of participants, and has partnered with A21 for over 4 years—every person, every dress, and every tie has made a difference.

As Dressember enters its sixth year, anti-trafficking is a fight that Blythe continues to be passionate about. And we can’t wait to see what happens this year. Because we believe when we all do something in the fight against slavery, we will continue to see more lives set free and restored—bringing us closer to a world without slavery.

We encourage you to join us and Dressember this upcoming month, because everyone can do something in this fight—and a dress can change the world.





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