Dressember: The Impact

As we head into 2019, we are celebrating the amazing impact of Dressember this past month...

The fundraising efforts and passion we’ve seen through supporters all over the globe has inspired us even more to continue rallying together in the fight for freedom.

Because of the partnership and support raised through the incredible Dressember community, we are so excited to put these funds toward the work of our aftercare programs and Freedom Centers around the world. Our Aftercare teams and Freedom Centers aim to create places where survivors come and experience acceptance, belonging, and the opportunity to build a hopeful future.

Our goal is for survivors to receive the care and support they need to experience long-term healing and independent living. We believe that with the funds raised through Dressember, even more survivors will be able to have the consistent support necessary to heal, learn life skills, receive an education, find employment, build community, and reduce the likelihood of being re-trafficked.

When a survivor walks through the doors of our Freedom Centers, the goal is for them feel welcomed and at home. We ultimately want to provide a place filled with positivity, hope, and possibility where survivors feel supported and encouraged in their restoration journey.

From counseling, to job searches, to life skills programs, our hope is that every survivor who experiences A21’s Freedom Centers will be empowered with the services and resources they need to create the life they’ve always wanted.

We can’t wait to see the impact we will have together in places around the world, and to come alongside more survivors as they move toward a life of hope and independence.   

To everyone who has raised funds and committed to wearing a dress or tie, thank you. Because of your support and participation through Dressember, more lives will be able to experience freedom and restoration this year.

Happy New Year!