Bodies Are Not Commodities

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Bodies Are Not Commodities.


Education is where awareness meets action. The A21 Bodies Are Not Commodities curriculum equips students with tools to combat human trafficking in the world around them. It is innovative, interactive, and designed to connect students to the reality of human trafficking and so they can be a part of the solution.

Students are an integral part of the catalyst for change and some of the most at-risk population for becoming victims of trafficking. Our USA aftercare specialist confirms, “Almost 100% of our survivors were trafficked during school years.” It is our job to prevent human trafficking before it even begins.


Quick Facts:

  • Five multimedia and interactive sessions
  • Aligned to education standards
  • USA, Texas, Australian, and Spanish versions
  • Paced at 5, 10, or 15 class periods of approximately 45 minutes
  • Includes a facilitator guide, student guide, and video downloads

Curriculum Content:

  • Session One: How has slavery evolved?
  • Session Two: What is human trafficking?
  • Session Three: How does someone become a victim?
  • Session Four: How do we abolish human trafficking?
  • Session Five: How can I abolish human trafficking?


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