Alexandra's Story

Alexandra's Story


Alexandra is a 28-year-old woman from Bulgaria who fell in love with a man she trusted. They got married moved to Italy where he promised a better life of dreams and possibilities. Once they arrived, she realized she had been horribly deceived. Her husband sold her to a brothel known for advertising Eastern European girls. Alexandra found herself trapped in violent abuse and exploitation.


40 girls, 2 small rooms, and the inability to leave the brothel unless servicing a client. This was Alexandra’s sudden reality. To make sure the girls didn’t try to escape, their traffickers made violent examples of those who did try–beatings, fingers cut off, and one murdered—her body left in the room as a warning sign.


Alexandra was forced to service up to 50 clients a day and was severely beaten and raped by her traffickers to further stamp out any hope of escape. As a result, she became pregnant twice–forced to have abortions without any medical help or anesthesia.


The violence persisted when clients with distorted sexual preferences paid a higher price to cut her with razors or pieces of glass.


After 3 years of horror in that brothel, Alexandra bravely escaped and went directly to the police. The police conducted a raid, arresting the traffickers who are now serving a sentence of 10 years in prison.


Since returning to Bulgaria, Alexandra has been living in the care of an A21 transition home, safe and free from slavery. While the amount of abuse and tragic violence she experienced is heart-breaking, Alexandra is receiving all the medical and psychological help needed to walk the journey of recovery. She is also being offered all of the social and legal support she needs, including ongoing education, professional qualifications, and job direction.


Alexandra’s story of unfathomable abuse is now shifting into a story of new life, hope, and restoration. Alexandra is why we fight.