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What is Walk For Freedom?


It’s the largest organized rally against slavery of its kind.

Walk For Freedom is our global response to human trafficking–an outward expression of our inward desire to see slavery abolished everywhere, forever.

It’s an awareness and fundraising event rallying tens of thousands of abolitionists, taking millions of steps in hundreds of cities all over the world.



It’s our way of telling the world that slavery still exists and that it will never be okay–not on our watch.


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In the last 5 years...   
In the last 5 years...   

 Hundreds of thousands of participants  have shown up for
 1,400+ walks  across
 50+ countries  all over the world taking millions of steps.

All in the name of freedom.   
All in the name of freedom.   

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Why Walk?


Because when we show up for the freedom of others, we show up for the world we want to see: a world where every single human life is valued. A world where justice, human dignity, and freedom prevail.

There are millions of people who are enslaved. And as long as slavery exists, we will too. We will keep showing up, keep fighting, keep walking–for the victims in our cities and around the globe–until every single human being is free.






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You’ll see us walking in a silent, single-file line on the  19th of October. Starting in New Zealand, reaching all the way to Alaska, there will be a walk happening every 5 minutes in a different place for 24 hours. Everyone dressed in black, holding signs and posters, seen on busy street sidewalks, and passing prominent landmarks. Most walks are between 2-3 miles / 4-5 km.




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The Impact

Last year, we showed up in over  450 locations , in  50 countries , reaching over  70 million people.



29 walks in 18 countries


200 walks in 28 countries


300 walks in 40 countries


400 walks in 50 countries


475 walks in 50 countries




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So, what's next?

1. Register to Walk

2. Start Fundraising

3. Download the Media Kit

4. Get your Walk For Freedom Merch




You x Local Action = Global Difference   



Freedom Declaration

“Slavery still exists in the 21st century. People like you and I bought and sold as commodities. People like you and I, in this city and in this nation. But you and I are here today. We refuse to just talk about injustice; to simply post about it. Instead, we’re here together in strength and numbers. We have the power to change the statistics. And we’re changing them right now. This is our Walk For Freedom. A walk for justice and human dignity. A walk for hope and restoration. From Australia to Ghana, India to Brazil. All over the world, we will abolish slavery with each step. Let’s never forget that we don’t just say it–we believe it. A world without slavery is possible. While human trafficking is destroying lives, we know that freedom will have the final word.

That’s why we exist. That’s why we’re here. For freedom.”



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