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11 years. 1,000 survivors.

This #GivingTuesday, we are celebrating a huge milestone—more than 1,000 survivors have come through our care in 11 years. That’s one survivor every four days.

Maria's journey of restoration is just one of 1,000 stories of hope, freedom, and justice YOU have made possible. And we believe there are thousands more stories like Maria’s to come because of your generosity.

This #GivingTuesday, our friends at Facebook, are matching donations up to $7 million dollars until the match runs out!

Help us unlock it and double your gift:

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What Unites Us All?

Walk For Freedom, October 19, 2019

A belief in freedom for every single human life. Human trafficking is robbing millions of basic human rights. And this October 19th, Walk For Freedom is our chance to come together and unite behind one cause.

Walk For Freedom is our global response to human trafficking–an outward expression of our inward desire to see slavery abolished everywhere, forever. It’s our way of telling the world that slavery still exists and that it will never be okay–not on our watch. It’s local & it’s global. And we can’t do it without you!

Still want to know what Walk For Freedom is all about?

Watch the “Walk For Freedom 2019 Details” video with Ben & Emily below!


Learn More about Walk For Freedom 2020.

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Walk For Freedom 2018: Line Photo
Walk For Freedom 2018: Woman with bandana on forehead; close up; hand on chest




Can You See Me? South Africa

Can You See Me? South Africa is now LIVE! This campaign exists to bring awareness to the millions of men, women, and children who are currently trapped in slavery.


Join us in spreading the word about human trafficking in South Africa by saving the images below and sharing them out to your friends.

Learn more about Can You See Me? South Africa >


Can You See Me? South Africa: Sex Trafficking
Can You See Me? South Africa: Domestic Servitude
Can You See Me? South Africa: Forced Labor: Child
Can You See Me? South Africa: Forced Labor: Man




Fundraising: The Easy & Impactful Way to End Slavery.

Did you know that for every dollar you fundraise, you’re directly impacting lives around the world?

With Each Dollar:

• Traffickers are prosecuted in Greece
• Victims are identified in Ukraine
• Children are protected in Thailand
• Hotlines are called in South Africa
• Lives are restored in America


You x Fundraising = Ending Slavery Globally GIF

We’ve made fundraising easier than ever by providing everything you need to get started. Through your Walk For Freedom fundraising page, you get a toolkit that includes:

• Fact sheet
• Freedom Report
• Press Release + supporting logo
• Imagery for social media
• Templates & an ‘Everything You Need To Know’ flyer to help you invite your friends and family, and to reach your goal!

Start fundraising today by logging into your A21 account > and make your Walk For Freedom impact even greater!

Freedom Report GIF
Walk For Freedom Posters
Walk For Freedom Press Release
Walk For Freedom Social Media Images



A Deeper Look into A21 Aftercare: What is a Freedom Center?

See more photos of our
A21 Freedom Centers >

Freedom Centers Preview: Greece & Bulgaria

Freedom Centers Preview: North Carolina

Since the beginning of A21, we have aimed to provide effective aftercare for survivors of human trafficking that helps to restore hope, dreams, and possibilities for their future. Over the years, as we continued to build our aftercare programs, we realized the need for long-term care that helps survivors take steps toward healing and independence.

Once a survivor is identified or assisted out of their trafficking situation, they are often placed in an immediate shelter or safe house for the initial stabilization period. This could last from a couple of weeks to a few months. Our A21 Home in Greece assists with this kind of accommodation, in addition to our teams around the globe providing funding for both short-term and long-term accommodation.

A21 aftercare services are based around our Community Model, which provides survivors with next steps toward an independent life in their community. At the heart of this model, is our Freedom Centers.

Our Freedom Centers provide a safe environment for survivors to come and partake in programs and activities that help them take these steps: from job searches to counseling, to the simple expression of creativity, to language classes, to community-building.

We place our Freedom Centers very strategically, aiming to find locations where we have certain resources within close proximity to create the best environment for survivors to thrive and succeed. Some of the key things we look for include:

• Close travel time from their accommodation to the Freedom Center
•  Public transportation options
•  Access to great health services (hospitals, counseling services, etc.)
• Community support options where they can find healthy friendships (sports teams, religious groups, etc.)
• Affordable education
• Job availability

With these resources available, survivors are able to easily access different services, care, support, and training they need to achieve their goals, live independently, and reduce their vulnerability to revictimization. Since opening our first Freedom Center in North Carolina in 2016, we now have one in Greece and Bulgaria, and we have seen great success through them. Survivors are learning new skills, experiencing education, stepping into jobs, and creating the life they want for themselves.

To be a part of the life long change that is taking place through Freedom Centers, give today! >


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Bulgarian Freedom Center Opens!

We are so excited to announce the official opening of our Bulgarian Freedom Center! This will provide a place where trauma can be healed, community can be built, hope can be renewed, and dreams can be fulfilled.

Click here to learn more about Freedom Centers >

Bulgarian Freedom Center: living room, counter top, entrance


  A Line Out: From Slavery to Freedom...

A Line Out

APRIL 2019:

Generous company donates $150K to A21, Matching Donations up to $300K!

Our latest campaign, “A Line Out: from slavery to freedom” focuses on our National Hotlines–a proven way to assist more victims trapped in slavery.

Click here to donate today >

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Through this center, survivors will be able to partake in counseling, job searches, vocational skills training, language classes, creative arts therapy, and take steps toward full independence. It's because of supporters like you that we are able to provide spaces like this where survivors can journey toward and hope for a better future.

Bulgarian Freedom Center: Counter top + flower   

Bulgarian Freedom Center: living room couches   

Bulgarian Freedom Center: hallway   

Bulgarian Freedom Center: open area   

Bulgarian Freedom Center: kitchen area   


Greece Freedom Center: Living room area + couches   

Greece Freedom Center: chairs in living area   

Greece Freedom Center: Coffee bar   

Greece Freedom Center: desk & chair   

Greece Freedom Center: kitchen   

North Carolina:

North Carolina Freedom Center: inspiration board   

North Carolina Freedom Center: living room area   

North Carolina Freedom Center: office area   

North Carolina Freedom Center: desk area, 2 girls sitting at desk   

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Three Survivors of Sex Trafficking Now Free: Three Survivors now FREE

One survivor was recruited from her home country for a job opportunity in Greece. Thinking she would be working in a cafe, she traveled to Greece and was forced into sexual exploitation under a false debt, threats, and violence. She was able to escape with the help of a client and reach out for help.

Two female sex trafficking survivors are also free from exploitation. The survivors were recruited through false promises of a better life and forced into prostitution. Bravely managing to escape, the survivors are now safe and receiving the assistance they need.

To help directly with our efforts to end trafficking, Sponsor Freedom today >

Court Case Victory in Ukraine:

The survivor was a victim of sex trafficking and was assisted to safety after she had made a signal to a passerby. This month, the court issued a verdict on her case and the traffickers were sentenced to five years in prison.


Human Trafficking Awareness Program Launches:
Human Trafficking Awareness Program Curriculum + Filming

MARCH 2019

In March, we launched the Human Trafficking Awareness Program- a FREE resource to help you raise awareness and educate your community. The program includes a facilitator training guide, a downloadable digital workbook, presentation slides, and video series. So far we have seen 1,093 downloads to the program, increasing awareness across the globe.

Download your own copy here >

CNN: My Freedom Day:

Did you know that we were featured on My Freedom Day on CNN?

Read the full article here >

Screen shot of CNN News: Anchor + A21 Representative + Student: #MyFreedomDay, Students Celebrate a day against modern slavery. Live CNN.

Amazon Wish List Gift Baskets:

Amazon Gift Basket Photos: packaged baskets

Last weekend, our Freedom Sponsors and A-Team members purchased gifts from an A21 Amazon Wish List that our U.S. aftercare team made. The gifts were for Easter baskets that our team gave to survivors and their children in our care.

“Our survivors faces lit up when we handed them these baskets. They expressed how special they felt and had the biggest smiles on their faces. The overwhelming support we received from supporters has been absolutely heartwarming for our team. We could not do this without our Freedom Sponsors and A-Team members, and we are beyond grateful for the passion they have to step out and make a difference."

– Ali, North Carolina Freedom Center


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Freedom Report 2018: Showing front cover + 2 open pages: 10 ways you can fight human trafficking, the power of one hotline call.

2018 Annual Freedom Report launches:

MARCH 2019

Our Annual Freedom Report features real stories of hope, victory, and restoration that happened in 2018. More survivors in our care, more court cases won, more traffickers sentences, more professionals trained, and more students reached, all because of your support.

As you read through this report, know that none of this could have been possible without you. With your help, we will continue to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. 

Read the report now >


94 survivors of labor trafficking:

Promised false jobs, deceived, and exploited in the southern part of Ukraine. But through the partnership of our team, local authorities, and other NGO's, all 94 were assisted to safety, and provided basic needs, food, toiletries, and other services.

Learn more about labor trafficking >

94 survivors of labor trafficking: picture of men in outdoor room working on construction

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Targeted flight operations in the UK:
Photo of crowd walking through airport


Our team supported the identification and safeguarding of potential victims of trafficking on 13 targeted flight operations, alongside the UK Border Force and police at Gatwick Airport. These operations target pre-specified flight departures or destination countries, in which A21 supports law enforcement by conducting victim identification screenings with passengers.

Learn more about the campaign we operate in airports >


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Five victims identified on the refugee route in Greece:

Refugees who come into Greece are extremely vulnerable to trafficking— in one day, we were able to identify and assist five victims of trafficking alongside the help of a partner organization. Our aftercare team was able to provide necessary psychological and physical support for each survivor.

Learn more about A21 Aftercare >

2 Photos: 1 of ben standing on a cliff during sunset; 2 aerial view of greece with view of greek flag


A21 has supported the Royal Thai Police in 31 police operations
Thai mother holding her baby
in 2018 and were able to identify and assist 66 victims in Thailand. The youngest victim of trafficking we've assisted this year was only 2 years old. We are honored to be working alongside Thai Government agencies to continue protecting the most vulnerable.

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photo of elderly man, profile view
An elderly man:

Abducted from his home and exploited in Ukraine. His traffickers enslaved him for 10 years before he was identified and assisted. But today, he is free.

4 men trafficked for labor:

Promised jobs in Denmark– but instead they were kept in a trailer and forced to work long hours with little or no pay. After the men managed to escape, they called A21. Through coordination with a partner organization, we were able to assist them and they are now safely back in Bulgaria.

Can You See Me? UK depicts a similar scenario >

construction workers inside of a building, infront of window


Three survivors in Greece:

Deceived by false promises and forced into the sex trade. Some were tricked by trusted family, friends, and neighbors. But now, they are free–and have the chance to claim their dreams back.


3 girls holding up

A Bulgarian woman was trafficked for 8 years

before she was rescued through a police operation. She was connected to A21 through our network of partner organizations, and today she is employed by our social enterprise, Liberty.

Learn more about Liberty >

side profile image of girl wearing hat

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