You can fight human trafficking right now.
Here are some ways to do that:


21 Ways: Watch & Share


Watch & Share

Watch and share A21's videos about human trafficking scenarios and survivor stories.




21 Ways: Walk For Freedom


Walk For Freedom

Rally together abolitionists for A21's largest fundraising and awareness event, Walk For Freedom.

Walk With Us



21 Ways: Know The Facts


Know The Facts

Equip yourself with the facts about human trafficking and tell others.   




21 Ways: Educate


Educate Your Community

Whether you’re a teacher, student, nurse, government official, or a business owner, anyone can educate their community.




21 Ways: Newsroom


Share A21 Updates

Read and share the latest stories of freedom, breaking news, new campaigns & developments.

A21 News Room



21 Ways: Letter


Write A Letter

Share your heart, write a letter to encourage a survivor. For more information/guidelines, click here.

Write A Letter



21 Ways: Birthday


Donate Your Birthday

One of the easiest ways to fundraise is to donate your birthday on Facebook. Encourage your friends to give the gift of freedom through your fundraiser.




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21 Ways: Amazon Smile



Check out A21’s wishlist on Amazon to see if there’s a need across our offices.
Select "The A21 Campaign" as your "Smile" charity of choice.




21 Ways: Fundraise


Start A Fundraiser

Help support A21's work around the globe. Start a fundraiser and share it with your community!




21 Ways: Sponsor Freedom


Sponsor Freedom

Give monthly and join us on the frontlines in the fight against slavery.  

Sponsor Freedom



21 Ways: Make A Report


Make A Report

Learn to recognize when human trafficking is happening and how to make an (anonymous) report.





21 Ways: Liberty Scarves


Support Survivors

Shop products made by survivors through our social enterprise, Liberty.




21 Ways: Screening Party


Host A Screening Party

Watch our short, documentary-style film and inspire your friends by sharing the story of how one life has led to the rescue of thousands of others.

Host A Party



21 Ways: Strike Out Slavery


Strike Out Slavery

Get ready for baseball season and check out the cities where Strike Out Slavery is hosting events this year!




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21 Ways: Volunteer width=



Help abolish slavery in one of our offices and around the world.




21 Ways: Campaign


It's A Penalty

Learn about how about how you can prevent human trafficking through the power of sports.

It's A Penalty



21 Ways: Get Social


Get Social

Use your social media platforms for good. Raise awareness, make donations, get creative.
#A21 #A21Campaign

Follow Us



21 Ways: A-Teams


Join An A-Team

The fight against slavery begins with you in your local community. Learn how you can rally the community around you to join the mission of freedom.




21 Ways: Shop


Shop for a Cause

Get your gear and start conversations with what you wear.




21 Ways: Business


Involve Your Business

Your business matters. And your business can be a part of something world-changing.




21 Ways: Dressember



Join thousands of advocates around the world to fight human trafficking by wearing a dress (or tie).




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Use your social media platforms for good. Raise awareness, make donations, get creative.















#A21 #A21Campaign #AbolishSlaveryEverywhereForever

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