51 For Freedom

I am so excited to celebrate my 51st birthday by fundraising for our annual #WalkForFreedom. I am believing that with the funds raised we will see more lives changed than ever before.

While 51 could be a seemingly insignificant birthday, I am determined to make it more than just a number.

Somewhere in the world, there is a victim that is my age. That is your age. If you want to join me in making a difference, one impactful thing you can do is give your age x 2 - once for you, and once for a victim still waiting to be rescued.

Thanks so much for joining me. Together, we will end slavery everywhere, forever.
Name Amount (USD) Comment
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $2.00
Folasade Ola $35.00
Jennifer Hernandez $62.00
Jenni Paxton $402.87
Judith Cantrill $21.00
Adrian Feben $81.69
Philip Lane Black $405.24 Sisters and Brothers in Christ! "'A thousand shall fall by thy side and ten thousand by thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee!"Psalm 91:7 In the battle in Spirit and Agreement with you...and looking forward to meeting and praying and Marching for Freedom together, In Jesus Name! "Jesus Is The Christ, The Son of The Living God" Love You team 21! Su Hermano en Christo, Eternamente, Oso Blanco
Anonymous $50.00 God Bless ALL who work to save victims!
Jennifer Sexton $50.00 Praying this small amount I can give will help someone to be free. Jesus Christ, to you be the glory and honor, forever and ever.
Anonymous $89.60 Jesus came to set the captives free
Linda Painton $21.00
Elda Lane $100.00
Anonymous $35.00
Favour Ukpongson $21.00 See what God can do through you.
Elizabeth Gourlay $40.98 Happy Birthday Christine! Praying abundant blessing & Gods continued favour & strength upon you.
Barbara Holzkamp $150.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $48.00 Amazing work done by A21. Love the creative idea behind this campaign. Happy Birthday, Christine!
Anonymous $35.00
Veronique Redekopp $51.00
Claudia Fernández-Castillo $160.00
Jessica Broughton $21.00
Mariana Campos $50.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $21.00 God bless
Anonymous $160.06
Joy Curtis $50.00
Anonymous $35.00
Anonymous $275.00
Denise Friermood $66.00
Alisa Shirley $106.00
Kirsten Craig $66.00
Karolyne Krantz $70.00 May God continue to bless the A21 Campaign and continue to rescue his daughters
Karolyne Krantz $70.00 May God continue to bless the A21 Campaign and continue to rescue his daughters
Sarah Beth Thompson $44.00
Letoya Wyllie $50.00
Wesley Wolf $25.00
Anonymous $500.00 We love you, Chris Caine , your energy your passion AND your fight for those who have no voice! Happy birthday! Anna & Cathy
Kendra Yoder $46.00
Cindi Lacasa $21.00
Kristina Kovalevich $48.00 Doubling my age! Supporting the cause to spread God's Kingdom on earth.
Mary McKinley $35.00
Anonymous $126.00 Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1
ben and chera warren $186.00 thanking Jesus for you, christine and nick! clearly the Lord continues to prove Ephesians 3:20-21! praise Him for the difference He is making through you and A21 in the lives of so many, for His Kingdom! it is an honor to support A21, doubling the age of myself and my husband, in celebration of Christine's birthday! Happy Birthday and thank you for giving your birthday away in love, to sacrafice for others' lives!
Leandri Johnson $21.00
Kamber Teets $50.00 Christine Caine your devotional daily are so inspiring to me and always help me to keep fighting for my faith in Jesus so thank you, and blessings to you and your family. Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work!
Solveig Tveit $58.91
monica lawal $21.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $226.00
Anonymous $75.00
Darlene Dyck $87.00 Thank you for your daily devotionals & thank you for making a positive difference in this world! Happy birthday Christine!
Anonymous $65.70
William Mbah $75.00 I am very excited to support Christine Caine's vision to end slavery.
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $21.00 Happy Birthday! I will be praying for everyone.
Andrea Skurr $75.00
Anonymous $80.00
Huguette Essoh Latte $68.00
Beena Thomas $75.00
Anonymous $60.00 Hey Christine, Happy Birthday! You have been a blessing towards relieving people from slavery therefore keep up the good work! God Bless! From Ray
Bernadette Loudon $120.84 Happy to support
Greta Koeck $51.57 Happy birthday Christine. And here's to ending slavery!
Kristi Sweatt $100.00
cindy Seal $108.00
Anonymous $104.00 Happy Birthday Christine! Thank you for coming here at Woodbridge, VA. God's Blessings always! - Rowena
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $279.13
Meg Henschel $150.00
Anonymous $50.00 I Thank God for all you do for us!
Caroline Maschewski $75.00
Dawn Grider $35.00 For Rose
Tanya Leonard $50.00 Thankful to help others in their fight for freedom!
Anonymous $21.00
Anonymous $75.00
Stephanie Kozuch $88.00 God bless your work with human trafficking!
Brianna Dill $42.00
Oso Blanco $132.29 Hey, Hey Sister Chris, Happy Birthday #51! May God give you 77 more in Good Health and Prosperity even as your soul prospers! Look at all those 8's! New Beginnings! Glory a Dios! Siempre, Su Hermano en Christo Eternamente! Oso Blanco
Oso Blanco $81.12 Bless God Forever and Unto Him Be All Glory! Lets just go ahead and hit $7K Right Now! Brothers and Sisters In Christ let's not only reach this goal but multiply it x10! In Jesus Name, Let's Rock! Love Ya team21 You too Birthday Girl! Oso
Jennifer Heiney $75.00 Thank you Christine for giving us this opportunity to give. I pray that as we give our hearts will open more and more to caring for those around us and that as our hearts open we will find the love of God flowing through wellsprings gushing with the power of our God to set all the captives free.
Victoria Schmuker $100.00
Anonymous $50.00 Saying to those who are bound, 'Go forth,' To those who are in darkness, 'Show yourselves.' Along the roads they will feed, And their pasture will be on all bare heights. Is. 49:9
Janice Whiteside $106.00 Happy Birthday Christine!!! God bless you and your ministry
Katinka Farkas $58.86
Anonymous $21.00 God will continue to bless your ministry.
Robyn Johnson $104.00
Anonymous $75.00
ben and chera warren $180.00