Your words in their hands. Love Gives 2018.




Words are powerful.

They can determine the worth we feel, the steps we take, and what we believe about our identity.

Words are transformative.

They have the potential to shape who we are.   

For victims of human trafficking, words are damaging... abusive... haunting... and an every day reality.

love gives 2018 a21   

But they are not the last words our survivors will hear. The weight of these words can be lifted with something even more powerful...

...your words.





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This Valentine's Day, give your words.


With a gift of any amount, you have the opportunity to write a personalized note to a survivor of human trafficking. The words that once deceived, belittled, and enslaved them are now replaced with words of hope, love, and freedom. Your words in their hands can be the gift they never forget.


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Thank you for giving your words this Valentine's Day.



– A21 Survivor   

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